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Client FAQs

Client FAQs

General FAQs | Candidate FAQs

Why should I use people4business?

Our registered Clients can take advantage of a huge database of contractors and consultants with skills in all industries and sectors. Instead of using several agencies to manage your contracts for different areas of your business, we can supply all your contractors on one easy-to-use website.

All the rates you see on people4business include our management fee which is added on to Candidates’ chosen rates. As a result, people4business is very competitive with any other source of contractors in the market.

We’ve also given you the flexibility to set your own criteria for selecting your Candidates. If you need someone in a hurry, you can search by availability. If you’re more interested in price or location, you can search by those too.

How do I become a Client?

Any business can be a Client on You simply provide us with a few details about you and your company and you can then begin to search through our database of Candidates offering skills in all industries.

See our how to register page.

I’m a sole trader, can I still be a Client?

Yes! people4business has a commitment to pay Candidates for every hour they work on contracts gained through the website. As a consequence of this, a credit-checking process takes place for all our registered Clients before we are able to offer credit terms. Where we are not able to offer credit terms to Clients, top-up payments will be required.

Find out more here

How do I find a Candidate?

Please see our How to hire a Freelancer page for full details of our contract recruitment service, and our Permanent Recruitment page for a guide to hiring permanent Candidates through us. Or you can follow these simple steps:

no 1 Describe assignment: provide brief details of the task you want the Candidate to do and the dates you need them.

no 1 Search for Candidates: search our database to find Candidates with the skills you need.

no 1 Contact Candidates: once you have chosen a final shortlist, we will provide you with teh contact details of those who are both available and interested. We will also help you set up interviews, as required.

no 1 Award contract: you agree the final contract terms, through people4, with your chosen Candidate and the work can begin.

Alternatively, you can give us a call and we will find Candidates for you: 0845 371 0722

Can I have more than one assignment at a time?

Yes! You can manage as many assignments as you want at one time. All your assignments are listed on your homepage from where you can easily continue to the next stage of the process of hiring a Candidate.

How can Candidates see my assignment?

Any assignment for which you have not chosen a final shortlist of Candidates can be posted on our free job board. Here Candidates with the relevant skills are invited to express their interest in the assignment.

Is the hourly rate fixed?

Candidates set their own hourly rates to which we add our management fee: so the price you see on people4business is the price you will pay. However, you are free to negotiate rates with the Candidate (or ask us to do this for you). The price you enter on the contract is the Client price (including our fee); so the Candidate will receive this sum less our fee.

How can I find out where the Candidates are based?

Once you have registered as a Client, you are able to use our location facility. You will be able to sort your chosen Candidates by location in order to see a list of Candidates from the closest to the farthest away from you.

How can I contact more than 5 Candidates?

We set a standard limit of 5 Candidates per assignment. However, we can extend this for you on request

Can I extend the assignment for a longer period?

Yes! You can edit existing contracts to reflect the extended time. This generates an amended contract, to which the Candidate must agree in the usual way.

How do I use the same Candidate again?

If some time has elapsed since the Candidate finished the previous contract you will have to set up a new contract . If you already know the Candidate you want to use the process can be quick and easy, as you only have to provide sufficient detail to create the new contract.

Who do I pay? You or the Candidate?

people4business will invoice you for your Candidate’s time. You pay people4business and we then pay your Candidate.

Can I negotiate a fixed price for an assignment?

Yes, where the Candidate is trading through their own Ltd Company.

Please contact the Client Support team who will help you to draw up the contract: 0845 371 0722 |

Can I employ Candidates on a commission-only basis?

No! We do not accept commission-only work through the People4 sites.

How do you make your money?

All our Candidates’ rates include our management fee, which is far leaner than most agency margins and ensures that you are still paying the most competitive rates for your Candidates on people4business.

We also offer a full Permanent Recruitment service, again at very competitive rates.

Still not had your question answered?

Please call or e-mail us with your question and we’ll answer it and add it to our FAQs list:

Email us | Call our dedicated team of experts 0845 371 0722

This page last updated 31.07.12

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