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General FAQs

General FAQs

Candidate FAQs | Client FAQs

What is people4business?

people4business is a recruitment service providing organisations with self-employed contractors and new members of permanent staff. We find our Clients contractors, consultants, freelancers and permanent recruits in any industry and sector all over the UK.

How does it work? is an ‘employment business’.

We provide businesses – Clients – with access to information about contractors and consultants – Candidates – throughout the country, working in any industry and profession. is based on skills – Clients select or tell us the skills they are interested in and the perfect Candidates with those skills can then be easily found. Anyone using the site can view the brief description, skills and hourly rate of all the Candidates registered on the site.

How does a Client find a Candidate?

For a Client to get to the stage of agreeing a contract with a Candidate, they must:

– be registered & logged in;

– have agreed to our terms and conditions;

– have set up an assignment.

They can then search for Candidates, create shortlists, obtain contact information and agree the contract terms. They can also set up timesheet and invoice frequency online.

For more information on this, see our how to find a Candidate, which takes you through the search process step-by-step, or phone us and have our team of experts do the work for you! 0845 371 0722

What does it cost to register?

It costs nothing for Clients and Candidates to register.

How does people4business make its money?

We charge an industry-beating management fee applied on top of the hourly rate set by the individual Candidate. people4business provides invoicing, credit control, contracts, timesheets, marketing, development and customer services for this fee – as well as a guarantee to Candidates that they will be paid for contracts they gain through people4business.

The Candidate rates that Clients see include our management fee, so there are no hidden costs or charges for our services.

Can I be a Candidate and a Client?

To be both a Client and a Candidate, you need to register twice. This is because all the information displayed on the site is tailor-made for you as a Client or a Candidate.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact us:

To register as a Client –

To register as a Candidate –

What is people4charity?

«» is a site powered by people4business. It has exactly the same functionality as people4business, but offers special, discounted Candidate rates to registered charities. All Candidates on people4business now have the option to offer charities a percentage reduction on their usual hourly rate.

Still not had your question answered?

Please call or e-mail us with your question and we’ll answer it and add it to our FAQs list: | | Call our dedicated team of experts 0845 371 0722

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Heathfield, East Sussex, UK.

Chartered Director. Experienced International business Executive, having started, owned and sold several technology and media-based enterprises. Particularly strong on board-level strategic planning and execution. Seeking Board-level strategic appointments, Boardroom Performance appraisal and enhancement projects, and Non-Executive roles. Interested in UK and non-UK roles.

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