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Registering as a people4 Candidate

First Impressions

The first things a Client will see about you are your job title, hourly rate and your brief description, so be clear about the kind of work you are interested in from the start.

Remember your rate must be above the Adults' National Minimum Wage of £6.08 per hour. We recommend you set your rate no lower than £7.50 per hour. We also recommend you check out what Candidates with equivalent skills are charging as this gives a good indication of the appropriate rate.

Your Brief Description must be no longer than 200 characters.

Premier Membership

  1. Upgrading to or registering as a Premier Candidate gives you an enhanced public profile with a more prominent entry and twice as much space for your brief description. Premier Candidates also get top position in all Client searches and are featured in the Showcase on our homepages.
  2. As well as all these benefits, Premier Candidates benefit from a discounted rate for Fasterpay
  3. See more on Premier Membership

Eligibility to work

In order to comply with the May 2004 amendment to the 1996 Asylum and Immigration Act, people4business Ltd. is required to verify that all Candidates are legally entitled to work in the United Kingdom.

If you selected ‘None of the above’ in the passport list, please call or email us, with details of your nationality and proof of your ability to work legally within the United Kingdom:

email us! | Call our dedicated team of experts 0845 371 0722

After we have confirmed that you are legally entitled to work in the United Kingdom, we will allocate you a people4business Verification Number.

This will allow you to complete the registration process.

Verifying your identity

In addition, we are required by law to verify your identity. This is to comply with the conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003.

Before you can take up a contract with, you will need to fax or email a copy of your passport to us:
email us! | fax: +44 0845 371 0723

More information on proving your eligibility to work in the UK.

Your skills

Adding skills

To add skills to your profile, select the category of skills – ‘Administration support’ – for example, then select the check box next to the relevant skills. Folder icons indicate that there are further skills within that category. So within ‘Administration support’, you might select ‘Reception’ and then select ‘Telephony’ as a skill.

My skills aren’t there

If you have skills that do not appear in our list, please email us and we will add them to our list as soon as possible.


Languages are included in all the skills categories as they may be relevant for any job.

Click on ‘Languages’ within your main skill category to see the list of languages. You can then check the boxes against all your language skills.
If your languages do not appear in our list, please email us and we will add them as soon as possible.

Security Clearances

Security clearances are included in all the skills categories as they may be relevant for any job. The abbreviations used are set out below:


Basic Checks


Criminal Records Bureau


Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced Disclosure


Counter Terrorist Check


Developed Vetting


Enhanced Basic Checks


Security Check


Sole Trader or Ltd Company?

All Candidates on our site must be paid through a limited company. Many of our Candidates work through their own limited company so we can make payments directly into your company account, however, if you are a sole trader you must still be paid through a Ltd company. We recommend you register with an Umbrella company to receive payments.

View a list of Umbrella companies and their rates.

See more information for Ltd Company Candidates.

The Opt Out

For those Candidates trading as limited companies, we recommend that you opt out of ‘The conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003’. Opting out of these Regulations may help you to avoid any IR35 issues.

More information on the limited company opt out.

Terms & conditions

All Candidates are required to agree to people4business Limited’s Candidates’ terms and conditions. These include the undertaking that if you make any contact with a Client through the people4 sites, any subsequent work for that Client must be contracted and invoiced through people4business Limited.

Data protection

In order to comply with Data Protection legislation, we ask that all Candidates agree to be contacted by us for the purposes of running their account and maintaining the operation of the website. It is your choice whether or not you want to be contacted by us for other purposes. If you want to find out more, please refer to our privacy policy.

Being Shortlisted

If you've proved your eligibility for work in the UK and filled out your details correctly, then it shouldn't be long before you receive a call or email from us to say you have been shortlisted for a position!

Once you have a contract you will be able to fill in a timesheet on our site.

All freelancers are guaranteed payment for every hour they work through an agreed contract on our site and payment can be made using our usual payment terms or our Fasterpay service.

Any questions?

email us! | Call our dedicated team of experts 0845 371 0722

last updated 01.08.12

Premier Members

Candidate 240271 £211.76 p/hr

Heathfield, East Sussex, UK.

Chartered Director. Experienced International business Executive, having started, owned and sold several technology and media-based enterprises. Particularly strong on board-level strategic planning and execution. Seeking Board-level strategic appointments, Boardroom Performance appraisal and enhancement projects, and Non-Executive roles. Interested in UK and non-UK roles.

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