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Limited company candidates

Limited companies are welcome to register as Candidates on our site. If you have authority to agree the terms and conditions on behalf of your company, you can then supply candidates through our website.

Please be aware, that – as for all Candidates – any work you get through contacts we provide to you or a member of your company, must be through a people4business contract.

There is very little difference in the operation of people4business Limited between Candidates who trade as limited companies and those who do not. Payments for your people4business contracts will be made direct to your limited company account.

If you don't trade as a limited company

All Candidates must be paid through a limited company.

If you are working as a self-employed sole trader, we still need to pay you into a limited company. Please be aware that it is very quick and easy to set up an account with an umbrella company, which will manage all your tax and national insurance obligations for you, as well as fulfilling our requirement that you are paid through a limited company.

As an employment business, we are legally obliged to ensure that you are paying all the tax and National Insurance you owe. Otherwise either we – or our Clients – could become liable for any unpaid tax.

The limited company ‘opt out’

We strongly recommend to all our limited company Candidates that they opt out of The Conduct of Employment Agencies & Employment Businesses Regulations 2003.

It is of course your decision, but Candidates who wish to avoid the IR35 legislation should opt out of the Regulations.

The Conduct of Employment Agencies & Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (the ‘Regulations’) potentially apply to the services we provide to limited company Candidates (‘Candidates’). The Regulations are intended to protect vulnerable workers from exploitation, but the government realised that the provisions of the Regulations may be detrimental to some highly skilled Candidates and, subject to safeguards, allowed Candidates to opt out of the Regulations.

See our Opt Out page for more information.

Advantages of opting out

The Regulations refer to the worker being under the ‘control’ of the client. If you wish to avoid being caught by the IR35 legislation, opting out of the Regulations may well assist your tax position by allowing numerous commercial clauses to be used in your contractual relationship with us, indicating a commercial relationship with the client – demonstrating your status as a genuine business. Some of these clauses are prohibited under the Regulations – hence the advantage of opting out.

If you don’t opt out

If you do not wish to opt out of the Regulations we will need to treat you as being covered by the Regulations and engage you upon terms that are compliant with the Regulations. This will not enable you to act on an IR35-friendly basis.

Please note: We do not make our provision of work-finding services conditional upon an opt out being exercised.

How can I opt out?

In order to opt out of the Regulations, a Candidate, and their limited company, need to give notice to us stating that they do not want the Regulations to apply.

This notice can be given in the ‘My Details’ area of your people4business homepage.

A notice that is given while a contract is ongoing, will not take effect until that contract has ended.

An opt out notice can be withdrawn, although, if withdrawn during a contract, this only takes effect after that contract has ended.

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Candidate 240271 £211.76 p/hr

Heathfield, East Sussex, UK.

Chartered Director. Experienced International business Executive, having started, owned and sold several technology and media-based enterprises. Particularly strong on board-level strategic planning and execution. Seeking Board-level strategic appointments, Boardroom Performance appraisal and enhancement projects, and Non-Executive roles. Interested in UK and non-UK roles.

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