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Anti-Bribery & Ethical Trading Policy

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Anti-Bribery & Ethical Trading Policy

The Directors of People4business Ltd are wholeheartedly committed to applying the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in their business activities, and every employee acting on behalf of People4business is charged with conducting company business honestly, fairly and professionally.

People4business customers benefit from our policy of carrying out business in a completely transparent and ethical manner that is honest, open, and competes fairly with competitors - primarily in the important areas of price and quality of service.

People4business will not tolerate any form of bribery by, or of, its employees or any companies or any persons or companies acting for it or on its behalf – and The Board of People4business Ltd are committed to implementing and enforcing effective systems to monitor and prevent acts of bribery, in accordance with the Bribery Act 2010.

The People4business Ltd Anti-Bribery & Ethical Trading policy applies to all Directors, managers and staff and all are required to familiarise themselves and comply with this policy.

For the purpose of clarity, a bribe is a financial advantage or other reward that is offered to, given to, or received by an individual or company (whether directly or indirectly) to induce or influence that individual or company to perform improperly.

People4business Ltd prohibits:
the offering, giving, solicitation or acceptance of any bribe, whether cash or other inducement
to or from
any person or company
any individual employee, agent or other person or body acting on People4business Ltd’s behalf
in order to
gain any commercial, contractual or regulatory advantage for People4business in a way which could be deemed to be unethical
or in order to
gain any personal advantage, pecuniary of otherwise, for the individual or anyone connected with the individual.

A breach of People4business’ Anti-Bribery & Ethical Trading policy by an employee will be treated as grounds for disciplinary action, which may result in a finding of gross misconduct and immediate dismissal. (Employees and others acting for People4business should be aware that bribery is a criminal offence that may result in up to 10 years’ imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine for both the individual and People4business.)

People4business will not conduct business with customers, service providers, agents or representatives that do not adhere to the principles of People4business’ Anti-Bribery & Ethical Trading policy.

All staff, customers, service providers, agents or representatives are strongly encouraged to report any activity deemed to be contrary to the People4business Anti-Bribery & Ethical Trading policy to the Compliance Officer (the Managing Director).

The overall responsibility for implementation of the People4business Anti-Bribery & Ethical Trading policy throughout the Company is vested with Duncan Taylor (Managing Director), and in which he is supported by Tanya Spicer (Financial Controller).

The Directors will conduct regular reviews of both the performance and relevance of this policy, annually or more frequently as required.

Note: For the purpose of clarity, this policy is not intended to prohibit the practice of normal and appropriate hospitality. Should an employee be in any doubt as to whether a potential act may constitute a breach of this policy the matter must be referred to the Compliance Officer, who will provide written confirmation taking into account the individual circumstances raised by the employee. Any hospitality with a value in excess of £100 will require signed approval from a Director of People4business. 

Duncan Taylor

Managing Director, People4business Ltd

Date Signed 18th August 2011

Page updated 31.07.12

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