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Environmental policy

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Environment policy

Despite People4business being a primarily on-line and inherently environmentally friendly business, the Directors of People4business Ltd still recognise the need to conduct the business in such a way as to ensure we minimise the impact our operations cause on the environment, and in accordance with the principles of BS EN ISO 14001.

To achieve our Environmental impact objectives we will:

• Provide adequate resources to minimise the Environmental impact of our work.

• Locate our business in an area that reduces staff travel to work.

• Only provide company cars that are designed to achieve in excess of 50 MPG for all levels of staff and management.

• Promote joint consultation and cooperation on matters concerning Environmental impact to ensure involvement and participation from employees, suppliers and contractors.

• Ensure the level of risk from all Environmental hazards is assessed and either eliminated or adequately controlled.

• Provide appropriate training, instruction and supervision on Environmental matters to maintain the competence levels of all employees.

• Ensure all employees are aware of and carry out their roles and responsibilities in a way that reduces environmental impact.

• Ensure effective communication of environmental information.

• Continually monitor Environmental impact performance to ensure the implementation and adequacy of this policy including an annual review of compliance and performance.

• Ensure contractors engaged by People4business Ltd meet the Company's Environmental impact standards.


The overall responsibility for Safety, Health, Environment and Quality management throughout the company is vested with Duncan Taylor (Managing Director), and in which he is supported by Tanya Spicer (Financial Controller), who will ensure this policy is implemented.

The Directors will conduct regular reviews of both the performance and relevance of this policy, annually or more frequently as required.


Duncan Taylor Managing Director, People4business Ltd

Date Signed 18th August 2011  


Page updated 31.07.12 – next review due August 2012

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