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How to sell yourself!

First Impressions

The first things a Client will see about you are your job title, hourly rate and your brief description, so be clear about the kind of work you are interested in from the start.

Why not check out what Candidates with equivalent skills are charging? This gives a good indication of the appropriate rate.

Your brief description

The ‘brief description’ at the top of your CV contains the most important words you write on people4business. When Clients search through skills categories and see lists of Candidates, it is this brief description which they see first of all.

Make it work for you

Our recommendations for your brief description are:

Stay focused

next Focus on your core skills and experience; what are you good at; what have you achieved.

Sell yourself

next This is your chance to get a Client’s attention. You need to communicate your skills and come across as professional and competent

Keep it short


Remember that there is a 200-character limit, unless you are a subscriber, in which case there is a 400-character limit.

Even if you choose to put in a longer description, Clients won’t look at it, unless those first 200 – or 400 – characters have gained their attention.


Check your copy

next Check for spelling, grammatical errors and incorrect punctuation. No matter how good your skills, you won’t seem professional, if your description is full of mistakes.

Don’t give your name away

next Remember that the terms and conditions of people4business state that you must not divulge your name, contact details or identifying information in your brief description.

Use the ‘Overview’

next If there’s a lot more you want to say, put it in the ‘Overview’ field of your CV. Any Clients interested in you will want to check out your CV, and the overview is the first thing they’ll read. Remember – you still need to keep it brief and focused on your core skills and experience.

Your CV

Our stats show us that Clients are very unlikely to shortlist you if you don’t have a CV on the site. You don’t need to go into huge amounts of detail, but you need to include enough information to show a Client that you do have the skills they are looking for.

If you don’t have time to copy your CV into the template, then please e-mail it to us and we will do it for you:

You can then sign in to your homepage, at any time, to double check your entry.

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