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Hourly rates

Setting your hourly rate

Please remember: For contract positions, you must be paid through either a limited or umbrella compan.

Your rate: Limited company

If you work through a limited company, you are free to set your rate at any level. We will pay your full hourly rate into your limited company bank account.

Your rate: Umbrella company

If you work through an umbrella company, please bear in mind that your take-home rate will have deductions for:

- Umbrella company fees (which vary, ask your umbrella company for guidance)

- Tax

- Employers’ and Employees’ National Insurance. Currently employers’ national insurance is 13.8% and employees’ national insurance is 12%.

alertPlease check out our earnings calculator for a demonstration of how much you will take home at different hourly rates.

Remember your rate must be above the Adults' National Minimum Wage of £6.08 per hour. To achieve this minimum wage, Candidates working through an umbrella company should set their hourly rate no lower than £7.50 per hour, to allow for holiday pay and employer's national insurance.

We recommend you check out what Candidates with equivalent skills are charging as this gives a good indication of the appropriate rate.

You can change your rate at any time from your homepage.

Charity discount

On your homepage, you can set a special charity discount on your usual hourly rate that will apply for charities and non-profit organisations.

Please bear in mind that your discounted rate cannot be lower than the national minimum wage.

Any Candidate offering a charity discount will have this icon charity icon next to their details on


Earnings Calculator

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Candidate 240271 £211.76 p/hr

Heathfield, East Sussex, UK.

Chartered Director. Experienced International business Executive, having started, owned and sold several technology and media-based enterprises. Particularly strong on board-level strategic planning and execution. Seeking Board-level strategic appointments, Boardroom Performance appraisal and enhancement projects, and Non-Executive roles. Interested in UK and non-UK roles.

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