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Umbrella companies

Umbrellas – the simple solution

All of our Candidates need to be paid through a limited company. This is for legal reasons, because of our legal status as an Employment Business.
If you are a sole trader, not trading as a limited company, it is still easy to work as a people4business Candidate.

You simply need to register with an umbrella company, which will effectively employ you. It processes all your payments, deducting tax, National Insurance and their fee from the payment which they then send through to you. It is much like receiving PAYE earnings, with three key differences:

At the end of the tax year, you will receive a P60 form detailing your pay and deductions.

Choosing an umbrella company

When you get in touch with an umbrella company, you'll need to ask them if they can work with a ‘self-invoicing’ system. Because you enter your hours on our timesheets and we generate the invoices for you, you'll want to choose one of the umbrella companies that can work with our systems.

Most umbrella companies charge a percentage fee, while some charge a flat rate.

Some companies vary their charges depending on whether you want to be paid weekly or monthly.

Some will only charge you when you have a contract.

Umbrellas we work with

This is not an exhaustive list of umbrella companies, but before you register with an umbrella company that is not listed below, please contact us to check that we can work with them. Thank you!

We’re updating this list at the moment, so if you’ve got any questions, please contact us


Special offer to people4 Candidates:

Basic Payroll Service £15 joining fee then £8.50 thereafter.
The basic payroll service includes:

Full umbrella service: £22.99 per timesheet to all people4 contractors, which is paid by CHAPs.
Advantages to the contractor:

CXC Global

CXC offers full umbrella services (allowing you to claim expenses etc.).

What does it cost? 5% of pay, capped at £35 per payment*

*Note that the fee can be claimed as an expense.

Contact details

020 7374 6957 |

What do they say?

The main features of our umbrella company solution are:

* 100% HMRC Compliant

* Easy & Quick set up: you can have your company details immediately for your contract

* All administration processes completed for you: invoicing, collection of fees, calculation and pay advice

* Immediate payment of cleared funds once received from agency by Fast-Pay

* International Funds transfer: two free transfers a month

* Business related expenses are processed and offset against your taxable income

* Insurances included: Employers Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity

* MyCXC – online system for all contractors to view and enter transactions

* No start up or close down costs

* Dedicated customer service team to assist you at all times


What does it cost?

Springboard is offers a free simple PAYE service

Basic – No Expenses, Simple PAYE service – FREE

Lite – Mileage & Subsistence expenses included – FREE*

Enhanced – All allowable expenses including capital expenditure – £9.99**

* Free for the first contact (up to 3 months), £4.99 net** thereafter.

** Net cost based on higher rate tax payer.

What do they say?

At Springboard we feel that the Contractor Umbrella market has been over priced and made over complicated for too long. As some of our competitors fees have risen over the years they have justified this by encouraged their contractors to take increased risks, allowing them to claim excessive expenses that can be offset against their tax. Whilst we appreciate that some contractors have a genuine need to claim for higher or unusual expenses, we feel that each contractor should only pay for the level of service that they require. The costs to any Umbrella Company are basically its administrative overheads and the more expenses a contractor claims the more time and effort it takes our admin team to process them. Using this philosophy we have put together a suite of packages, depending on the level of expenses you wish to claim.

Dasa Consulting

What does it cost?

Fees are fixed at 3% of the invoice amount, with the fee capped at £25

Contact details

tel 0870 850 6106 | fax 0870 850 6078 

What do they say?

* Competitive prices with no hidden costs

* No set-up or leaving charges

* A generous expense package

* An inclusive insurance package including P.I.

* Holiday pay and sick pay

* Group pension scheme

* Access to independent financial advice

* Weekly or monthly payroll

* Flexibility so you can use our services as and when you want to

* An efficient, secure and reliable service

* A friendly Customer Services department

* Capped fee. Pay no more than £25 per payroll.


Liquid Friday

Contact details

0800 316 6030


What do they say?

The Liquid PAYE option is best for self-employed Candidates looking to join an umbrella for the first time.

Orange Genie


Contact details

0845 603 8088

What do they say?

# You become an employee of OrangeGenie

# We provide you with full employment rights through an overarching contract of employment

# You are covered by our group insurance policies for Employer and Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance (Please note there are some exceptions)

# The expectation is that you will remain an employee of OrangeGenie and work on successive assignments with us

# We take full responsibility for, PAYE, National Insurance payments, VAT, and all corporate and statutory reporting

# The contracts (or assignments) for your services are entered into by OrangeGenie and we take responsibility for all contractual matters # Between assignments we will support you in sourcing new client assignments.

PlanIT Solution Ltd

What does it cost?

Charges are fixed at 5%, with a minimum of £12 or maximum £35 for each week worked.

If you do not work for a week, there is no charge.

Contact details

Call us on 020 7251 8690 

What they say

With planIT Solutions, you get the following as standard.

* Same day set up

* Contract administration

* Online data entry

* Same day invoicing to your agency or client

* Payroll payment on day of receipt

* Comprehensive expense claim system

* £2m Professional Indemnity insurance cover

* £5m Public Liability insurance cover

* £10m Employers Liability insurance cover

* Unlimited contractor support

* Text message pay notifications

* No starting or closing costs

* Fees paid only when working

* Easy "set up" and "close down" procedure

* Statutory holiday, maternity and sick pay

last updated 30.07.12

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