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HomeAll OpportunitiesKuka KRC4 Programmer opportunity

Kuka KRC4 Programmer

ID #: 13469
Title: Kuka KRC4 Programmer
Location: Brazil!
Start Date: a.s.a.p.
End Date: Not specified
Duration: Not specified
Description: Kuka KRC4 Programmer - Brazil - Sao Paulo

KRC4 programer for Brazil at the end of April for 2/3 weeks contract

Specification :
* Wiring of 4 relais for the safe operation of a door switch due to wiring plan
* SPS S7 testing the door switch after re wiring
* Test of the interface Robot safety SPS
* Referenz switch in the working area of the robot installation
* First commissioning of the safe robot
* Configuration of the of the software package to use the safe robot application
* The commissioning will be done via a special check list
* The existing KRC2 application change into KRC4
* Basic configuration of SAFE operation

Important :
Candidates should have a certificate from KUKA to work on the safe operation.

Please apply with your CV and rate to Alexis Taylor at people4business.
Alexis - - +44 1435 866963
Skills required:

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