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Oil & Gas Water Treatment Trainer

ID #: 13502
Title: Oil & Gas Water Treatment Trainer
Location: London
Start Date: Not specified
End Date: Not specified
Duration: Not specified
Description: Oil & Gas Water Treatment Specialist to deliver training in London OR UAE - DATES FLEXIBLE

Water Treatment & Injection in Oil & Gas Production
(Production Field Water Management)

Course Description:
Water management remains a key part of operational processes in hydrocarbon production.
It has been established that water injection and disposal of produced water
constitutes problems both in terms of volume produced, volume required for
injection and disposal methods. Similarly, the environmental implications of
produced water as well as the technical implications of producing water more than required or expected from a field could result in significant field problem with economic implications too.
The course also considers detailed water treatment techniques after due
attention has been placed on the sources & “Fouling” in the production systems.
This program has always been popular as more operators strive to produce their reservoirs to the last available barrel given the current prices of oil.
Hence there is an enormous amount of water being pumped that require
adequacy in water management techniques.
This course therefore addresses such issues in a class room setting, in terms of the engineering, technical and economic aspects.
Course Contents:
1. Basic Geology in Relation to Water Flood Design & Management
2. Water Treatment & Disposal / Injection Systems Design
3. Source Water Characteristics, Injection Water Specifications & Data Acquisition
4. Scale & Scale Control & Calcium Naphthanates
5. Micro & Macro Biological Considerations
6. Corrosion & Corrosion Centre
7. Water Treatment Equipment & Processes
8. Chemicals & Chemical Selection
9. Economics & Water Management

Please contact Alexis Taylor at people4business if you are interested in this course - thank you!

Alexis - - 0845 3710722 - 07785 615313
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