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Bilingual MBA 16 yrs experience in marketing, corporate finance in SMEs, Corporates and own businesses, worked on M&A, set/up sold own business. Wide/varied career seeks training and advisory work.

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Hourly Rate / Cost:£82.35 per hour (ex. VAT)
Daily Rate / Cost:£658.82 per day (ex. VAT)
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Candidate ID:241244
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CV (Curriculum Vitae) / Résumé

I have been a business advisor and trainer since 2005, based in the UK. Prior setting up my own business, I was an advisor in marketing consulting and on corporate finance (fund raising, merger acquisition and business disposal) projects. And was then a finance manager for Europe and Asia for a six sigma consultancy company, and market development manager for North EMEA for Galileo.
I have worked in a number of sectors (market research, corporate finance, IT/Telecoms/ Internet, Travel, and operations consulting)

I have worked in multinational organisations and on an international MBA with students from over 30 countries. I was commercially astute and revenue-focused, with good awareness of investment appraisal/Business case development techniques. I have experience of developing marketing plans and running EMEA-wide business development/lead generation programs in technology markets with full P&L responsibility and has managed virtual teams across several geographical locations
My skills are in Marketing, Financial overview, Strategy, exit planning (how to build a valuable business to sell) problem solving/innovation (generating developing assessing and implementing your ideas) and business startup/ new ventures. I have run training courses for a range of clients including universities and colleges and private training companies to EMEA clients

The main focus of my advisory work has been
• Startup advisory
• Growth/Strategic development
• Mergers/Acquisitions/Partnerships
• Exit planning and business sales

Transaction experience

1 Preparation of fund raising programme or a small but 10 year old IT company to support new investment for new product/services line. The intellectual property has been assessed, and consequently new lines of business have been added to the business model. The strategy has been built around the founders’ strengths – creativity and innovation, and finding partners for marketing and distribution. A marketing partner in the same industry has been found and an interim CEO has also been sourced. The second step is to help generate some business which will help justify the business plan to an investor who has already been identified and is willing to work with us to set up an investment readiness programme .

2 Advisor on the merger of a technology company with a Swedish company

3 Advisory role to one of the shareholders of a European services company on an acquisition proposal from another company.

4 Advisor to a startup software company looking for strategic partners/acquirers to help them market their product to the corporate market. Research of potential targets, initial pitch, face to face meetings and deal brokering.

5 Research consulting to help a business services company develop its proof of concept, business plan and marketing strategy

6 Music company, early stages, have conducted a due diligence assessment which revealed some obstacles to funding but also revealed additional revenue streams, and have embarked on an investment readiness project to find suitable partners, building licensing potential and developing the business case for a three round investment project.

7 Business Services Group – Have conducted a Due Diligence Assessment and am in initial discussions with a potential software partner and are in discussions to bring other partners in which would wrap a business model around the concept to make it investment ready

8 Bar concept – completed a Due Diligence Assessment which has revealed that the project is not fundable for my investment partners yet. Have proposed to take the project through an investment readiness programme to help deal with its weaknesses. Waiting for the prospect to give feedback

9 MBO advisory role, for a 100yr old company, advising the potential buyer on strategy and objectives and the deal process… proposed a deal structure involving, raised the possibility of using invoice discounting to improve the cash flow (and therefore increase the potential to buy the remaining company shares quicker, improve profit margins etc ) Eventually advised against proceeding further.

10 Approximately 60 other startups have been through a due-dilligence based assessment process and have been given advice on structure, strategy, intellectual property and partnerships

11 Advice and preparation of business case for a niche TV channel in search of funds. During this time I have worked on the business plan, highlighting several weaknesses, which are likely to prevent it from securing investment. Recommended a need for a management team to cover marketing and revenue generation, and suggested a ramp up strategy which involves raising the necessary finance in a number of rounds against pre-determined milestones. Likely sponsors have been contacted and their interest confirmed, conditional on the above advice being taken. An alternative way of getting the company up and running via a partnership with an AIM listed media company headed by a well known celebrity. Partnership would greatly increase the chance of finding seed capital and also build the client into a revenue generating company, which would vastly increase the chances of subsequent funding. Feedback also received from an extremely wealthy individual who is one of the most recognisable people on the planet. However, the client has refused to listen to any advice from start to finish and has been dropped.

12 Advisory work for a training company on expansion. Suggested discussions with a managmement buy in chairman and a sales support company to partner with. The client wishes me to help him recruit a network of franchises, which research shows is not feasible at present. Issued two proposals to the client on recommended next steps. Awaiting response.

13 Advisory work, feasibility study on a new safety concept in the motor industry. Conducted research of manufacturing, financial requirements, IP issues, and potential partnerships to distribute the imagined product. The client is working, and in the process of deciding whether to continue or leave my job and commit further investment to the project.

14 Advised an inventor on the market for a golf device. Research of the manufacturers, and distribution network suggested that the business model would be weak, and demand limited to a small niche of the UK/Ireland golf market. The project was cancelled, and the inventor was then.

15 Valuation advice for an IT outsourcing company contemplating a sale.

1 Priced deals for Thomas Cook and Via, the largest travel agent in Scandinavia, Galileo's sales model involves paying customers upfront fees and then financial assistance based on productivity, in return for a booking fee from the travel provider each time the system is used to make a booking and thus the sales process is in itself a 3-5 year acquisition.

2 Developed business cases, via a process known as an AFE (application for expenditure) for investment into a new system for non-air travel reservations

3 AFE (application for expenditure) for the purchase of a Customer Relationship Management system.

4 AFE (application for expenditure) for investment into a solution to be targeted at the leisure sector.

5 Conducted research and presented recommendations for potential internet acquisitions.

6 Assessment of opportunities to build synergies between the companies in the Cendant group

Regent Associates
1 Regent is a specialist mergers and acquisitions advisor in the IT industry, and closes approximately 30 deals per year. As one of a team of three in transaction support, I have worked on around 30 deals in my three year period.

2 Database of deals – daily tracking and monitoring of announced deals, the results were put into an excel based database and used not only for publicity, as the results were analysed on quarterly basis but also as a tool in valuing comparable deal opportunities

3 Regent index – set up and maintained the Regent Index, a pan-European Index of technology companies, used as another yardstick to value companies

4 Disposal of VC invested deals – conducted research of targets to buy VC-invested clients ,

5 Disposals due to changes in strategy

6 Buy Mandate for a French software company on telephone support company, conducted extensive research to show that the ideal company, the client wanted to buy doesn’t exist. Presented research to prove it, and suggested compromise targets. Approached the one, discussed the potential collaboration, and identified the willingness to acquire, used comparable deals to suggest a range of values, advised on deal structure and appropriate ring-fencing of the acquired company in order to ensure the earnout was achievable. Proposed new Board Structure post-deal which was accepted, liased with the necessary parties during the due diligence process, and brought the deal to a close.

7 Disposal mandate for the UK subsidiary of a Dutch company, sold a “firesale” company and managed vendor expectations, (the company was loss making, huge operational problems and there were only three companies which were in a position to consider the acquisition) Effectively the client was given the choice of sell now or sell in six months at a 30% discount.

8 Disposal advice for an American investment company wishing to dispose of some UK and French operations, Our advice revealed that the French operation should be closed down and sold as an asset rather than a going concern, the UK was perhaps sellable, but would be a tricky process.. managed vendor expectations. Our continuing fees were too much, so to minimise our work load and the client’s bills, business transfer agents were recommended. We never got a referral fee so it was apparent that neither business was sellable, and the companies have been folded.

I have developed a range of training materials for corporate clients focusing on finance, strategy, motivation and innovation. These courses can be delivered in one day units up to 5 days, depending on client needs.

I have an MBA (European from Canterbury Business School, UK and the ESC Reims, France and a BA (Hons) in Business Studies from Bournemouth University.

Employment History

(Jul 2005 & ongoing)



Set up own business in corporate development services. Fund raising, marketing and strategic services. Also Merger and Acquisition services.

• Lecturing and training services for an MBA, a Masters degree in Business Creation, and for the Management School Middlesex.
• Advisory work, helping prepare a business for an eventual sale
• Acquisition mandate for a publishing company
• Author of a book on buying and selling businesses,
• Co-developer of a range of innovation assessment tools.
• Sales mandate for an IT company
• Part time lecturing on business start-ups, innovation and investment readiness
(from 2011) Mentor to students on the SPEED (Student Placements in Entrepreneurial Education) programme at Worcester University.

(Feb 2004 to Jul 2005)

Business and Finance Manager Europe and Asia


• Six sigma and process improvement consulting and training
• Overall management of consulting operations across Europe and Asia,
• Development of the pipeline, forecasts and budgeting
• Management of staff
• Measurement and analysis of performance against set targets

(Sep 2002 to Jul 2003)

Market Development Manager North EMEA

Galileo Cendant, Langley Berkshire

• IT/Telecoms and outservices for the travel sector
• Running marketing programmes for technology solutions in the travel sector to support the yearly business plan
• Also responsible for identification of acquisition and joint venture opportunities.
• Account Management and coordination of bid responses. (c $16-30m pa per bid)
• Developing the business plan based on assessing European market trends
• Sales and market trends forecasting
• Lead Generation and Business development – Identifying and implementing best practices and developing key sales and marketing messages..
• Provided cover for the counterpart in South EMEA, as necessary.

(Jan 2001 to Aug 2002)

Founder and Marketing Director

Ipecom, Maidenhead

• Emea wide responsibility
• B2C Marketing Services Company.
• Established proof of concept and business plan, via extensive consumer marketing research in 6 European regions. (UK, France, Greece, Spain, Scandinavia and Benelux)
• Succeeded in attracting good technology partners (Sun Microsystems, Telia),
• A web site with over 3,000 subscribers.
• A strong management team, including a co-founder of Oracle UK.
• The assets were sold to a marketing company.

(Apr 1998 to Oct 2000)

Corporate finance Associate

Regent Associates, Windsor

Emea wide responsibility
Outsourced Corporate development services for the Information and Communication Technology Industry. Regent/ CEA typically completes 35-40 deals a year.
• Business Development and lead generation - identifying companies with a potential need for corporate development services
• Support for executives, developing sales and marketing material for key meetings.
• Identifying opportunities for corporate development services in the technology sector
• Aided in the due diligence process for fund raising, acquisition and trade sale/disposal activities.
• Involved in the sale of ISPs, internet companies, channel players such as PC resellers, VARS, Advised US services companies on acquisitions in the mobile services, GRPS and WAP markets.
• Clients included Sage, Extraprise, Dodge, Northgate, Tetra, ISPs and BVRP Software. Focus on software, services, media and internet companies

(Aug 1995 to Apr 1998)

Senior Consulting Manager

Romtec, Maidenhead

Emea wide responsibility
Outsourced Marketing services for the Information and Communication Technology Industry.
• Responsible for developing a business plan for own department.
• Responsible for Pan-European business development, account management for consulting and marketing services for IT, Telecoms and Internet clients.
• Supporting sales team responding to RFPs (requests for proposals)
• Responsible for the completion of formal tenders and other documents/presentations to be used in the sales and marketing process
• Ran a range of marketing programmes to win new business and also on behalf of technology companies.
• Responsible for market trends, forecasting and competitive intelligence consulting,
• Ran consulting projects, helping companies assess the demand for future products.
• Ran lead generation/direct marketing services for vendors and channel players for IT companies
• Ran research and consulting programmes to judge effectiveness of marcoms activities.
• Liaison with Press as expert opinion.
• Clients included Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, NCR, ICL Fujistsu, Siemens Nixdorf, Sunsoft,

Professional Qualifications

MBA (European)
BA Hons Business studies


(Sep 1992 to Sep 1994)

Canterbury Business School and ESC Reims

MBA European

(Sep 1987 to May 1991)

Bournemouth University

BA hons business studies

Assignment History

(This Candidate has recently been shortlisted or contracted for the following people4 assignments)

  • Project Manager Coach: Project Manager Coach
  • Participate in Market Research: Recruitment of people to participate in market research. Specification to be provided. Please apply for more details.
  • Freelance business development: Commercial Opportunity UK Based Freelance Business Development Managers & Sales Executives BusinessPoint Live is an opportunity to join a business network with global aspirations, significant income potential and long term career opportunities. Opportunities exist for Freelance Business Development Managers & Sales Executives across the UK to market the business network into the small and midsize enterprise (SME) sector.
  • Business mentor: Business mentor for Middle-East based media business owner.
  • Personal Development Course Trainer : Personal Development Course Trainer required in the following topics: 1. Commercial Awareness 2. Strategic Forecasting 3. Results Orientation 4. Customer Focus 5. Problem Solving 6. Planning and Management 7. Interpersonal Effectiveness 8. Teamwork and Cooperation 9. Communication skills 10. Reading and Developing People 11. Openness to change 12. Any other new personal development courses of interest to large organisations Courses must be 2-5 Days in duration

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