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Freelance Software Engineer/Web Developer Cardiff, UK

Web/Software Developer: Python, PHP, Java, Linux, Apache, MySQL

Rating:Unrated (New)
Hourly Rate / Cost:£31.76 per hour (ex. VAT)
Daily Rate / Cost:£254.12 per day (ex. VAT)
Available From:Now
Candidate ID:244387
: Offers a discounted hourly rate to registered charities
: Freelancer has their own limited company

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CV (Curriculum Vitae) / Résumé

I am primarily a software and web developer (Python, Java, PHP) with 5 years experience in the industry. This is founded upon a strongly academic background in Computer Science to give me an adaptable, creative and innovative approach to problem solving. I also have experience in maintaining GNU/Linux and Unix systems (Apache, MySQL, Postfix, LDAP).

I have a passion for seeking new challenges with new projects -- I enjoy keeping up to date with emerging technologies and techniques so as to be able to find and apply the best solution to any given problem.

My team personality is a balance between a methodical and logical problem-solving approach and initiating new ideas. I like to think anything can be achieved with the proper planning and creative thinking. I thrive where new ideas and communication are encouraged.

I am currently working on several of my own projects, maintaining my own server infrastructure and looking for freelance and contract opportunities.

Employment History

(Aug 2010 & ongoing)

Freelance Web Development

I have recently started to undertake freelence web development. The _rst project to date was to develop a backend RESTful web service in PHP for saving data from Flash applications. The work was done for Pancentric Digital as part of a larger project for Disney in the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. The whole service was developed in two days with a further three days kept for testing and tweaking the implementation where necessary.

(Apr 2007 to Jun 2010)

Systems Developer


My last employed role was as a Systems Developer in the IT department of Cranfield University. The department is a support department for almost all IT
facilities across the university. The systems development team sat within the infrastructure team to develop solutions to needs within and outwith the department and support said in-house projects. Most projects were Java-based web applications. Skills and techniques I developed in the role include setting up production Apache Tomcat servers, installing and basic amounts of work with Oracle, interacting programmatically with MS Active Directory over LDAP and developing web applications with the Apache Struts framework. The IT environment is very much made up of many differing services of varying ages, so the role involved a reasonable amount of work to keep these heterogenous services in sync, providing systems that flow data between them and having a hand in implementing new services. As the role was varied so much as to include sporadic occasions for support, I developed skills such as communication and other non-technical faculties that are required to see a project to completion. The need for support on previous projects or other systems could interject at any time, so it was required of me to manage time between many different tasks at a given time.

(Oct 2005 to Sep 2006)

House to House Fundraiser

Cambridge/Ely/Norwich/Bury St. Edmunds

I worked as a house to house fundraiser for Tim Lilley Fundraising. This was a fundraising agency that employed fundraisers for a number of charities to directly approach people and ask if they would like to support. The work required the confidence to be able to ask people such questions outright and to be able to move on with the job regardless of negative reactions from a minority of people. During my year in this role, I felt I developed within myself more confidence, patience, motivation and communication abilities.
I was very dedicated to raising funds for my charity, Amnesty International, as well as to the way in which we were trained to do the job. The company prided itself on having a unique, low pressure approach that is very successful and I found my respect for that way of working came through in my drive to do the job.

(Jul 2005 to Feb 2006)



I was employed as a Tester at Transversal Corporation. They produced a web-based software product and I was given the task of running and maintaining an automated test application implemented in Python that would test the speed and responsiveness of the application as well as find broken functionality. The work quickly took my Python skills from beginner to advanced and gave me experience with independently taking to the task of tracking down bugs and fixing them within my own testing application.

(Jun 2004 to Sep 2004)


Level 5 Networks, Cambridge

I worked at Level 5 Networks in Cambridge. I had to test the network interfaces and the software they were developing. This involved running industry standard test software, setting up test machines, creating test environments/suites with scripts and producing graphs/reports for view by other employees and customers.

(Jul 2001 to Aug 2001)

Risk Assessment Team Member

Barclaycard Merchant Services, Northampton

I spent 4 weeks working full-time in Barclay’s Merchants Services, in the Barclaycard building, Northampton.
There, I worked as part of a team whose function was to assess risk and to determine a reliable model for the risk of offering Barclay’s Merchant Services to different companies.

Professional Qualifications

Programming/Markup languages
Java, Python, ML, PHP, Perl, Bash, Prolog, HTML, XML, SQL, LaTeX
Operating Systems
GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora Core, Red Hat, Mandriva), Windows XP, Windows 2008 Server,
Windows 2003 Server
Server Software
MySQL, Oracle, Apache, DNS (Bind), Apache Struts, Tomcat, Jetty, CherryPy, Turbogears, Django, Post_x,
Dovecot, Subversion, Trac, Wordpress, Joomla, LDAP, Active Directory, Kerberos


(Oct 2002 to Jun 2005)

University of Cambridge

MA (Hons) in Computer Science


I have experience in two different types of major sectors. My academic training is in the IT field and I have some experience in the industry as well. I also have a fair amount of experience in charity and voluntary including running events while a student through to direct fundraising.

IT Experience

From jobs in the industry, I have gained much experience in the following:
• Website development including use of Apache, MySQL, Linux, PHP and Python.
• Quality assurance and development of testing tools in languages such as bash and Python.
• Installing, maintaining and configuring GNU/Linux and Windows servers
• Collecting and processing test data; from collecting through automated tools to presenting in a visual

In reading Computer Science at Cambridge University, I have learnt the following concepts/techniques:
• Natural language processing, Databases, Artificial Intelligence, software engineering, object oriented
and functional programming
• Study of operating system concepts as well as lectures on commonly used UNIX tools
• Mathematical courses such as Discrete Mathematics, Logic and Proof, Regular Languages, Compiler
Construction and Computational Theory.
I am also proficient in Java, HTML, PHP, SQL, Python, bash, most well-known software, operating systems
and computer networking. I am very able to pick up new tools and techniques quickly as well.

Charity and Voluntary Experience

• I have worked for a year as a direct charity fundraiser. The job required confidence and good contact
with people and I successfully raised a significant amount of money for Amnesty International. The
work required and also developed within me a range of positive qualities such as dealing with negative
reactions in a calm manner and strong dedication and motivation to the job.
• I was the elected Green Officer on the Christ’s College Student Union Executive Committee for a year.
I was responsible for helping out with any events run by the committee and voting on and discussing
important issues at weekly meetings. This was on top of green duties.
• During my time at University, I was the college representative for Amnesty International. I provide
information to students of Christ’s College on Amnesty International’s mission and cases, help raise
money and hold letter-writing meetings.
• I am on the college committee for Cambridge Rag. I help when needed with running events by writing
pub quizzes, making posters, helping set things up, etc.

Assignment History

(This Candidate has recently been shortlisted or contracted for the following people4 assignments)

  • Python scripts: We are a Huntingdon based business. We are bidding for some work that will require the writing of some Python scripts for a web based electricity management application. We already have a range of scripts in place and we have a good understanding of the underlying database structure. We have very good Microsoft development skills but no Python skills.
  • Python scripts: We are a Huntingdon based business. We are bidding for some work that will require the writing of some Python scripts for a web based electricity management application. We already have a range of scripts in place and we have a good understanding of the underlying database structure. We have very good Microsoft development skills but no Python skills.
  • PHP/Drupal6: PHP and Drupal6 contractor required with experience of the e-commerce module: Ubercart Experience of the Drupal workflow module would be a big bonus. Work can be either onsite in Milton Keynes or remote working.
  • Required - Web, Server, and Programming Skills. I am assisting the principal of an upcoming major philanthropic project. The project is committed to delivering extensive Consultancy output about Life-related issues via a hierarchy of multiple Web sites, all of which will access data from a central db with a view to eventually delivering a world-class facility.
  • Description: You will be working with a small team of technical web developers supporting web based applications, sevices and infrastructure for the Norwich Union Web Operations Team underpining the and websites. The team is enthusiastic and energetic and can offer the candidate valuable experience in working on large scale websites using the latest technologies. The candidate will work alongside senior technical web developers.

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