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Freelance Hydrogeologist Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, UK

Hydrogeologist 12 years experience in contaminated land and groundwater investigation, risk assessment and remediation, water resources, landfill, geothermal, minerals, EIA, groundwater modelling

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CV (Curriculum Vitae) / Résumé

Employment History

(Sep 2006 & ongoing)


Freelance technical project support to consultancies for groundwater resource and protection; groundwater supply, waste management/landfill groundwater risk assessments, contaminated land groundwater risk assessments, site investigation and monitoring, environmental impact assessments for open cast coal mining, ground source heating schemes, abstraction well feasibility and design, abstraction source and catchment risk assessments.

(Sep 2002 to Sep 2006)

Principal Hydrogeologist


Team leader and project management of groundwater investigation and assessments for contaminated land, landfill and mineral sites. Groundwater abstraction feasibility, licensing, well design, supervision and pump test analysis. Management of drilling contracts. Technical reviewer, training and mentoring junior staff.

(Sep 2000 to Sep 2002)


RPS Planning, Transport & Environment, Chepstow

(Jan 2000 to Sep 2000)

Project Hydrogeologist

SLR Consulting Ltd, Bath

Project management of drilling and monitoring works at landfill sites. Review and assessment of geological and hydrogeological data for landfill groundwater risk assessments

(Apr 1999 to Jul 1999)

Project Hydrogeologist

Catchment Management Section, Sinclair Knight Merz, Melbourne, Victoria

Abstraction well drilling supervision, pump testing and analysis, contaminated land and mining site investigation and groundwater assessments, groundwater level and water quality data assessment for catchment characterisation

(Oct 1998 to Jan 1999)

Project Hydrogeologist

Sinclair Knight Merz, Perth, Western Australia

(Dec 1996 to Sep 1998)

Assistant Hydrogeologist

M J Carter Associates, Atherstone, Warwickshire

Environmental monitoring on landfill and mineral sites, drilling supervision and geological logging, groundwater modelling and risk assessment and reporting

Additional Information

Areas of Expertise:
I have twelve years experience working on hydrogeological investigations and risk assessments for waste disposal sites, contaminated land, water resources and mineral extraction projects. This has involved project management, scheduling and supervision of site investigations, detailed interpretation of soil and groundwater data, and assessment of risk using a variety of groundwater modelling techniques. I have undertaken numerous detailed quantitative risk assessments for controlled waters leading to remedial strategy design including the derivation of remedial targets for soil and groundwater, and the design and management of monitored natural attenuation (MNA) schemes. I have also provided part time contract hydrogeological support to the Environment Agency, Midlands Region. This involved technically reviewing and commenting on contaminated land site investigation, risk assessment and remediation reports as a Regulator for planning applications.
I am experienced in using a range of groundwater modelling and detailed quantitative risk assessment tools, and in presenting and discussing technical hydrogeological issues with clients and Regulatory Authorities.

Experience Includes:
Groundwater Modelling and Protection
• Hydrogeological Risk Assessments for landfill site PPC Permits. This has involved the use of probabilistic quantitative groundwater models to assess landfill site performance in relation to groundwater protection.
This includes both containment and dilute and disperse sites, multi- phase sites, and domestic and paperpulp landfill sites.
• Numerous quantitative groundwater risk assessments using either R&D P20 spreadsheets or ConSim
probabilistic model to assess the risk to groundwater and surface water resources presented by
contaminated land, and to derive remedial targets.
• Numerical groundwater modelling and continual evaluation of performance of an LNAPL recovery system for contamination in alluvial aquifer in France.
Contaminated Land and Groundwater
• Phase 1 desk studies to identify potential sources of contamination.
• Project management design and supervision of Phase 2 site investigations. Preparation of interpretative reports and evaluation of risk to groundwater and surface water resources. Remedial option assessment including assessing the feasibility of monitored natural attenuation as part of a remedial strategy. Input to the design and costing of remediation strategies following agreement with the Regulatory Authorities.
Projects include petrol stations, metal works, gas works and large fuel tank storage facilities.
• Field tracer test projects in both Sandstone and Karst environments to investigate and model contaminant transport processes.
• Technical review of contaminated land site investigations, risk assessments and remediation method
statements for the Environment Agency Midlands Region.
Groundwater Resources
• Hydrogeological appraisals and feasibility studies for open loop geothermal installations.
• Management, design and supervision of groundwater abstraction projects including drilling, well design, pumping test management and interpretation and licence application.
• Hydrogeological study and impact assessment at Akrotiri Salt Lake, Cyprus.
• Catchment characterisation for saline groundwater management projects in South-Eastern Australia.
• Hydrogeological studies to determine a potential groundwater supply for mineral processing.
• Catchment characterisation and groundwater modelling for a proposed large well-field in southern Ireland to assess the potential impact on surface water features.
Mineral Extraction
• Long term hydrogeological assessment for a limestone quarry extension, including the potential for impact on a stream of geological importance due to the presence of actively forming tufa dams, designated as a SSSI.
• Hydrogeological impact assessments of extensions to mineral extractions, including both sand and gravel and limestone quarries.
• Design and supervision of site investigations, and preparation of quarterly interpretative groundwater and surface water monitoring reports.
• Mineral reserve volume and quality investigations, quarry phasing, restoration and management plans.
Experience in using the following software; ConSim, LandSim, R&D P20, Surfer, AquiferTest, Aquachem, Groundwater Vistas (MODFLOW), @Risk, CLEA, RBCA, Winflow/Wintran.

Assignment History

(This Candidate has recently been shortlisted or contracted for the following people4 assignment)

  • Contaminated Land Risk Assessor: Land in Belfast, Northern Ireland! Land is approx 150 square metres. About 0.015 Ha. Contaminated Land Risk Assessment for a planning application. The land is currently being used as a vehicle repair garage, and there is a petrol filling station located in close proximity to the site - therefore indicates potential to cause contaminated land and pose a risk to human health.

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