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Freelance Senior Developer / Architect Pinner, Greater London, UK

If you want an Expert Microsoft Certified Application Developer / Manager with years of experience and 100% success track record in development and management, then look at my profile.

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Hourly Rate / Cost:£58.82 per hour (ex. VAT)
Daily Rate / Cost:£470.59 per day (ex. VAT)
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CV (Curriculum Vitae) / Résumé

Employment History

(Feb 2008 & ongoing)

Senior Developer / Architect


 Developed & transitioned Desktop products to the web whilst migrating other aging 16bit technology.
 Reduced update time for Institutional products from in excess of 1 hour to fewer than 20 mins via improved c# Server-Client communication.
 Increased data delivery efficiency via multi threading and efficiency by 73%
 Reduced latency on high transaction real time systems for institutional clients.
 Agile development of new applications for Institutional platform.
 Designed & Engineered major Institutional products like Workstation, Direct.
 Have been given full responsibility for Institutional Data provision, analytical tools, and custom solutions.
 Mentored, managed development of development team including time management, prioritization etc.
 Lead design, development and architecture of new products and existing products and functionality
 Increased reliability, safety and security of Institutional product update via redundancy checks, better coding standard, threading, integration of systems & stricter QA.
 Ensured & Handled Credit Swiss deal for €300,000.00 from initial proposal to delivery and sign off.
 Most new development has been done using .Net C#. Wide ranges of charting to analytical tools have been upgraded from 16bit C/C++ to C#. New C# Server Client systems were designed under n-Tier Architecture using MVC design. Third party api such as ChartFX, Farpoint Spreadsheet, Real time etc has also been used in product. Introduced & Implemented multi threaded client – server architecture into various applications. Ms SQL 2005 and proprietary db has been used in various products. WSDL, XML, SOAP has also been extensively used. Office add-in’s have been developed utilizing Dyna dna.

(May 2007 to Feb 2008)

Technical Specialist


 Maintained & developed existing websites & Implemented new functionalities.
 Developed centralized common core modules for quicker & more efficient delivery using Agile Methodlogy.
 Managed research & development of new search algorithms.
 Was responsible for UK Intelligence products and vertical search engine.
 Migrated an old MS Access projects into modern C# applications.
 Increased search efficiency by 41% on server and 52% on customized solutions via improvement in logic and improved efficiency.
 The primary technology for most new multi threaded server based projects were .Net (C#). XML, XSLT, IIS, Ms SQL 2000/2005 Db, JavaScript, and Ajax were used

(Jun 2006 to May 2007)

Technical Consultant


 Developed Multi-Client Server system for company using C#, its customers and suppliers.
 Quick rapid development using Agile Scrum.
 Developed & maintained 2 websites for company serving in excess of £1 million.
 Designed & automated sales and invoicing system saving company on undue expenses.
 The primary technology used for majority of these projects ranged from Microsoft .Net(C#) 2.0 and Java with Ms Sql 2000 as the backend database.

(Sep 2005 to Jun 2006)



 Migrated flight stimulator written in Modula 2 to Java & C++.
 Expanded flight stimulator to be accessible over the intranet and possibly high speed internet.
 Pioneered multiple simultaneous simulations of flights by multiple personal.
 Developed & deployed application exchanges data between main server and client every 50 milli second.
 Developed & implemented cache algorithm to reduce network latency and congestion.
 Designed the Multi-Client Server application with redundant routes to the server and fall backs hence making it secured and robust.
 Deployed at University of Sheffield along with BAE Systems.
 Various technical and operational challenges in this role were overcome by developing some of core modules in Java & C++. In addition to this, multi threading, publisher subscriber model along with n-Tier client server application approach was utilized along with JNI to support various elements of the simulator.

(Jan 2004 to Aug 2005)

Consultant / Lead Developer

NHS, Barnsley UK (Head office: UK.), Sheffield, UK

 Consulted NHS Hospital with initial concept to final delivery of project.
 Managed 6 developers including myself along with 2 test analyst.
 Designed, developed and deployed multi-client server system for patient management, medicine stock and patient history.
 Ensured security of data and adherence to various laws and regulations with regards to UK laws.
 Expanded capability of system to work over the internet via PDA application to update hospital of any emergency admittance on the way in an ambulance.
 The application was developed in Multi-threaded Java 1.4, Microsoft .Net 2.0 environments with Ms SQL and MySQL on the server side. The PDA was designed using J2ME along with Microsoft .Net & Ajax.

(Jan 2001 to Dec 2003)


VM Solutions / Wipro, Delhi India (Head office: Delhi India.), India, UK

 Progressed from Administration officer to Developer.
 Developed and maintained numerous projects & websites.
 Developed bespoke projects for the client covering full life cycle.
 Most of the development was bespoke for the client, with occasional support and other critical issues which were raised from time to time. Most of the development was in C#.

Professional Qualifications

 Prince 2 Practitioner Certificate
 Microsoft Certified Application Developer.
 1st Class Honors Degree with Distinction.


(Sep 2003 to Jun 2006)

University Of Sheffield

BSC Computer Science 1st Class Honours.

Senior C# .Net Developer, Technical Lead , Specialist,

I am a person who actively takes responsibility at all levels to get a project development on budget and schedule. My past record states for itself as most projects have been delivered ahead of time or on time and within the original budget. I pride myself as being one of the best Microsoft specialist in UK and European sub continent and promise to deliver the best development in the shortest possible time scale with a great attention to detail and accuracy.

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