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Freelance Painting Inspector Hartlepool

Paint Inspector / Supervisor

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Paint Inspector / Supervisor

Member Of: Icorr/ Thermal Sprayers Association

City and Guilds Fiber optics Engineer

Rope Access Level 1

Offshore survival: Nutech # TE_060310031579 (Haverton Hill)

Valid until 04.06 2007

Positions Held: Paint Inspector, Senior Paint Inspector,

Supervisor, Co-ordinator, Offshore

Superintendent, Company Rep Offshore (Chevron)

Offshore Project Manager, Team Leader (Rope Access).

Coating Experience: Epoxy, Chlor Rubber, Glass Flakes, Metal Spraying, Vinyl's

Iamsub splash zone, Coal Tar epoxy, Splash Zone Compound, Fire proofing materials, Chartech, Mandolite, R.T.V. foam. Thermolag. Nulifire.

Oil Company's worked for: Shell Brunei, Sarawak Shell, Mobile, Elf, Chevron, Hamilton oil, S.B.M. Adma Opco, Stena Oil, Stat oil, Gupco (Egypt), ACT China and

QGPC (Qatar) Mearsk Olie Og Gas As.

Country's Worked: U.K. ( Offshore onshore) Norway, France, Russia, Qatar, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Nigeria, Brunei, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China and North Sea Danish Sector.

Hobby's: Golf, Golf, More Golf, Restoring old and Antique Furniture,

Computer Literate.

This is a condensed version of a more detailed CV which is available upon request

PRESENTLY EM&I. Direct employed as team leader for the refurbishment of splash zones on the Dan A,

Dan B, Dan C, Dan E and Rolf platforms in the Danish sector of the North Sea. Working from

Rope access to blast and paint splash zone legs, bracings and boat landings.

2002= 2003 Wopat International. Seconded to Chevron Texaco in Nigeria working various sites, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Bonne Island, Offshore and Escravos for offshore maintenance / construction work. Duties include checking various sites for quality and ensuring all safety standards are being adhered to, also to estimate paint requirements for each projects both offshore and onshore.

2000-2002 Motherwell Bridge (Motherwell Scotland) as part of the project management team, carrying out

Construction project for the "West Burton" power station. Subcontracted to FLS Miljo of Denmark

Work consists of panels fabricated in Motherwell then transported to Doncaster for subcontractor to

Blast and Paint, my duties were to check blasting standards, environmental conditions and paint

Thickness. The level of inspection on this contract is very intense due to the internals being "rubber

Lined after construction.

1999 2000 EM& I (China) Seconded to ACT, a consortium of Phillips, Chevron and Texaco Oil Company's

Responsible for the daily running of the painting programmes offshore, including the FPSO. Seconded as Supervisor / Inspector. Duties include the day to day running of the offshore painting programme, organising the Chinese personnel, organising areas to be treated, ordering paints / grits, measuring yardage's for the contractor to be paid on unit rates where applicable, signing time sheets and day work sheets.

1998 1999 Solus Oceaneering (Aberdeen) Seconded to Chevron Nigeria in Escravos. As senior

Inspector, Duties include the Organising the offshore project, assigning local inspectors to various offshore locations and vessels to carry out normal inspection duties. Carry out final inspection of each project and sign off for completion. Transferred to Gupco Egypt to carry out inspection duties for the "Happy Project" in Alexandria.

1998 1999 Technology onshore offshore. Seconded to the Stockton Council to oversee the running of the high profile project (Newport Bridge) in Middlesborough. The spec consisted of wash down with degreaser, followed by fresh water wash and prep with Ali primer, full undercoat and a full coat of Urethane. The underside completed in two packs Bitchy.

1996 1998Solus Oceaneering (Aberdeen) Seconded to Chevron Nigeria in Escravos. As senior

Inspector, Duties include the Organising the offshore project, assigning local inspectors to various offshore

locations and vessels to carry out normal inspection duties. Carry out final inspection of each project and

Sign off for completion.

June NovJ.B. Inspection (Felling, Gateshead) Engaged by the Stockton Council to oversee

And inspect the running of a High Profile historical project, which requires wet blasting then dry blasting because of the lead contents in the paint. The system was Surface tolerant Aluminium Primer, followed by a Urethane intermediate coat then a final coat of Urethane finish. This is a high profile project due to it being the first Welded Span Bridge in the world.

1996 - 1997Solus Oceaneering. Seconded to Chevron (Nigeria) as Chevron's offshore representative,

Responsible for the day-to-day running of the painting project offshore in Escravos, reporting directly to the offshore senior construction supervisor each day to keep all informed of progress and any foreseeable problems that may arise.

Feb OctDeborah Services. (Brunei) Engaged as QA/QC offshore senior inspector ensuring that all the

1996 1996 specification requirements of B.S.P are being adhered to.

Working with the local labour of Ibans. Offered promotion toOffshore Superintendent.

Dec FebR.S.L. (Hartlepool) Seconded to Shell (Wallsend) Carrying out inspection to the F.P.S.O.

1995 1996 Anasuria on adhock basis.

Sep DecT.H.C. (Morneftigas) Kaliningrad Russia. Engaged as Supervisor/ Inspector for the

1994 1995 H.B.O.G project bridge structures. Duties include:

I) Teaching the Russian personnel Blasting and Painting techniques explaining and

Demonstrating each stage of the procedures and how to differentiate between standards.

II) Instruct each person on the use of High Pressure spray equipment, emphasising the

Potential dangers and importance of keeping lines and pumps clean. Teach spray techniques and method of achieving w.f.t. & D.f.t.

III) At the end of each week hold meetings with Moneftigas management to discuss progress and each individual

Ability to carry out the work.

Transferred To the construction yard in Hartlepool to carry out the duties of Supervisor/Inspector for the

H.B.O.G / Stena sub sea pipe spool project, Duties now include: Supervise and inspect blasting standards,

Surface profiles, paint application, w.f.t. - d.f.t. of each coat.

II) Co-ordinate between various trades to ensure a smooth running of the project. Liaison with the client's project

Carry out final inspection to spools ensuring there are no visible defects and that adequate paint thickness has been applied. Finally carrying out holiday detection tests.

Transferred Offshore to supervise and co-ordinate the painting of the Douglas complex hook-up.

Duties now include:

I) Organise and allocate work to the painters (24)

II) Liaison with the superintendent and field engineers to ensure all work within the job card

System is completed.

III) Supervise and inspect all painting in progress, ensuring the specification was adhered to.

IV) Supervise and inspect the application of the Thermolag Insulation and R.T.V. Foam to ensure all areas were completed during the hook-up. Carry out final inspection with the client and

V) Field engineers to sign of areas as the project progressed. The Douglas Hook-up project was

VI) Completed on time and within Budget.

Feb JunMapel Yusof (Brunei). Engaged as senior paint inspector, seconded to Shell Brunei

1992 1993 Duties include: Carry out surveys to offshore structures to assess the degree of corrosion

In evidence which also included taking wall thickness checks of pipe work using the "Cygnus Gauge". Prepare a written report and grade each platform as a "Major or Minor"

Which would then determine the specification required prior to the commencement of blasting and painting? On completion of the surveys, a rotation of 28/28 was worked to carry out normal inspection duties:

I) Inspect areas to be blasted and ensure adequate washing down with fresh water to remove marine salts and

Grease prior to blasting.

II) Ensure that the perimeters governing temperature, humidity, dew point and surface preparation are observed

During blasting and painting operations

III) Observe and check paint w.f.t. During application, ensure all batch no's are within spec

IV) Ensure minimum and maximums over coating times are adhered to. Check off final d.f.t's

Readings ensure all work has been carried out in accordance with the spec, complete the final report and

Present to shell as final package. It was also part of my duties t attend safety / progress meetings with

Contractor and Shell management.

1989 1992T.H.C. (Hartlepool) engaged as Senior Paint Inspector for the H.O.B.G. project the Ravenspurn jacket and topside module, duties include:

I) Ordering materials for each project. Responsible for the setting up of blasting equipment as and when each deck was fabricated and handed over.

II) Allocate paint crews to each area, ensure each project has sufficient materials for completion on various sites, check that all welds etc have been completed prior to commencing blasting, mask off to any remaining welds or uncompleted areas.

III) Check all environmental conditions, Temperature, humidity, Dew point, steel temperature and steel work for cleanliness.

IV) Ensure all blast and spraying equipment is kept in good and safe working order prior to commencing work.

V) On commencing blasting and painting, make sure all aspects of the clients specification where adhered to

VI) On completion carry out final inspection with the client's field engineers and representative to sign off and accept for load out.

1987 1989 Qaf Solus. Seconded to B.L.N.G Brunei, as senior paint inspector for the offshore trestle maintenance

Programme. Duties include:

I. Advising the contractor on setting up the equipment and specification requirements;

II. Inspect all blasting and spraying equipment to ensure they meet the safety requirements of B.L.N.G.

III. Monitor weather conditions prior to the start of work and through-out the day while work was in progress;

IV. Inspect all blast in progress and mark off where necessary through-out the day;

V. Carry out final inspection prior to the application of Zinc primer;

VI. Monitor each application and record W.F.T & D.F.T;

VII. Monitor the consumption of daily consumable materials, Paints, grit etc;

VIII. Carry out final inspection and release areas on a progressive basis to allow the contractor

IX. Payment.

In addition to the above duties, I also chaired the weekly progress and safety meetings with the contractor and

Report to the BLNG management informing them of progress and performance.

Promoted to L.E.N. 1-54…. now with direct responsibilities to L.E.N.1. Additional duties now include: the day-to-day running of the trestle maintenance programme including scaffolding, mechanical works and

Finally the blasting and painting. In addition to the trestle duties I also acted as the inspector /supervisor

On the train 4 - rejuvenation programme, where the scope of works consisted of:

I. Supervise the stripping of old Insulation and lagging from pipe work and vessels;

II. Check the condition of the exposed vessels and steel work, including the Cryogenic Gas Converter;

III. Monitor and record daily weather conditions;

IV. Blast and paint all exposed steelwork to the highest standard S.A.3. Monitor each paint application for

W.F.T /D.F.T prepare and submit daily inspection reports.

V. After completion of the blasting and painting, monitor the re-Insulation and re-foaming of vessels and pipe


VI. Attend daily progress and safety meetings with the contractor and report to the B.L.N.G. Management on

Progress and any foreseeable problems.

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