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Freelance Analyst programmer and developer Stockport, Cheshire, UK

Technical programming and solving problems using C, C++, C#, FORTRAN, VB6 and Excel/VBA.
Commended for the innovative use of Excel/VBA in the development of algorithms for legacy systems.

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Hourly Rate / Cost:£21.18 per hour (ex. VAT)
Daily Rate / Cost:£169.41 per day (ex. VAT)
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Candidate ID:275110
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CV (Curriculum Vitae) / Résumé

An Analyst/Programmer with extensive experience of providing technical solutions in the Power, Computer, Electronics, Telecommunications and Chemical sectors with expertise and experience of the major computer languages on the dominant hardware platforms.
Applying wide experience has resulted in more apt, effective and robust solutions.

Key Skills and Abilities
• Excellent knowledge of the C, Pascal and FORTRAN computer languages.
• Visual Studio 2005 - C#, Visual C++ 6.0, Java, and Visual Basic 6.0.
• Microstation Development Language.
• Excel, Word and Access in the Microsoft Office suite, including VBA.
• Microsoft Windows, Unix and OpenVMS.
• Highly adaptable and self-motivated member of a team.
• Able to analyse complex problems and design and implement robust, working solutions.
• Good communicator – able to liaise with non-technical personnel.

Employment History

(Feb 2013 to Mar 2013)

Excel/VBA Developer


Developed an application in Excel 2010, extended by VBA, to provide a useful graphical management information tool, capable of monitoring a large number of contracts across Europe and Scandinavia.

(Mar 2012 to Jul 2012)

Contract Analyst/Programmer


Significant enhancements were made to the system that was written in 2011.

(Jun 2010 to Aug 2011)

Contract Analyst/Programmer


Produced a specialist payroll management and accounting system based up on Excel with a suite of customised financial functions written in VBA and placed in a DLL using Visual Basic.

(Apr 2010 to May 2010)

Contract programmer


Short full-time contract of 3 weeks to produce an Excel spreadsheet (extended with VBA) to facilitate the preparation of quotations for the installation of factory automation – first phase.

(Jun 2009 to Apr 2010)



Producing a utility in IDL (Interactive Data Language) to visualise experimental data obtained from PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and MR (magnetic resonance) scans for research – two days per week.

(Jan 2008 to Feb 2008)



Rewrote and rebuilt the company’s website using PHP, XHTML and CSS to web standards, and incorporating a service written in C# for gear manufacturers.

(Aug 2007 to Aug 2007)


Cheadle, Cheshire

Added functionality to an engineering spreadsheet with VBA, producing XML and executing Perl scripts under the control of the Excel workbook. Short, full-time contract of just under 3 weeks.

(Oct 2006 to Jul 2007)


Cheadle, Cheshire

Designed and developed an application in Excel/VBA to model and visualise lender plan rules for loan brokerage software, and so generate XML input to a web services application written in C#. Contract spanned 3 days/week.


(Jun 1995 to Sep 1995)

University of Liverpool

Postgraduate Certificate in Software Engineering

(Oct 1976 to Sep 1977)

University of Salford

M.Sc. in Chemistry

(Oct 1967 to Jul 1970)

University of Manchester

B.Sc.(Hons) in Chemistry

Other work

For Cable & Wireless I completed successfully a contract to enhance FORTRAN legacy systems on DEC Alpha systems under OpenVMS, and was commended for the innovative use of Excel, Access and VBA to help in achieving this goal. Also, built spreadsheets to send to OfCom.
For Powergen, I supported, maintained and enhanced the IT part of the energy trading system, having
developed a message translator in TibCo and C++ for NETA across two software platforms – Windows NT and Sun Solaris and migrated software between major versions of OpenVMS, between Oracle 7 and 8 and switched databases from RDB to Oracle.

Assignment History

(This Candidate has recently been shortlisted or contracted for the following people4 assignments)

  • C++ Programmer: We a system to calculate the value of land for the purpose of building residential homes. The system has been designed by us using XL. There are 9 tags on the work book that interlink and provide the following worksheets Residual valuation Sales values cash flow that include interest calculations what if and various information work sheets that provide analysis schedule including Internal rate of return etc We want the program to be written on c++
  • Mathematical Modeller: I require a Mathematical Modeller. Can work from home. Please apply for more details.
  • Freelance Excel Developer: Need to create an Excel 2003 spreadsheet that:- Allows data to be copied from another spreadsheet onto a tab in this spreadsheet. Looks up the date in this imported data and returns the day of the week. Uses the day of the week the postcode and delivery source to then compare against a user amendable matrix to establish and report variances between the day and delivery source and give summary / variance totals.

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