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Homeinsulation supervisor or inspector
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Freelance insulation supervisor or inspector Immingham, Lincolnshire

supervision over insulation engineers or insulation inspection.THERMAL INSULATION ENGINEER

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CV (Curriculum Vitae) / Résumé

Employment History

(Feb 2006 to Dec 2006)


Work on Easington,gas storage Centrica,facility,covering all aspects of insulation,I.E. Coldworks,hotwork,armaflex,and vessel,work.Fabrication,and fitting,of all cladding.

Successfully completed OPITO APPROVED Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency,Training,including LAPP Combined,Lifejacket and Rebreather,

At the FALCK NUTEC Training Centre ABERDEEN. Presently working on the BUZZARD, North Sea Oil Installation Platform Off Aberdeen.

(Jan 2005 to Feb 2006)

Strood Kent

Working on new extension to isle of grain L.N.G. storage facility. Work including, supervision and inspection of pipe works, and vessel works. Using cold works insulation and stainless steel claddings.

All up to Isle of Grain standards and specifications.

(Jun 2004 to Jan 2005)

PCI Powertherm

Work on new F.G.D plant, Cottam- work consisting of vessel and ducting work, insulation and cladding of two new absorber systems and associated pipe works.

(Jun 2003 to Apr 2004)

PCI Powertherm , Rotherham

Work on Conoco Immingham I.C.H.P Plant. Senior supervisor on new heat and power combined insulation power station for insulation engineers. Work activities involving up to 85 insulators' and 6 supervisors.

Ensuring all personnel and materials for various works are in order. Insuring all supervision and operatives are fully updated with works procedures i.e. permit systems and safety. Duties also included measuring up of on-site works to be done i.e. pipe work, vessels, columns, exchangers, stub stacks, superheat to cryogenics. Ensuring a good standard of work is maintained at all times, and all documentations is up to date and to standard. Office works included daily labour sheets, labour returns, checking and locations of isometric drawings, and site toolbox talks (ordering and site documentation of all materials) delivered to site off- sites.

(Jan 2002 to May 2002)

Hertel Insulation , Middlesbrough

Covering all aspects of insulation i.e. cold work, hot work, pipe work, tanks, vessels, column work, using various types of insulations i.e. Rockwool, foamglass and phenolic's. Also worked in the development and fitting of cladding, and with cold works- making sure we had the correct straggers and bonds, with triple ply pipe works.

(Jun 2001 to Dec 2001)


G.P.O Shutdown , Shetland Islands

Supervisor for a team of 18 men on 3 Frocination columns and surroundings reassembled units. Work included columns; vessels and pipe work as well as organizing jobs and materials for men and measuring up of required cladding and boxes for work to be done. Worked in all aspects of cold works insulation. Fully trained in safe systems of work permits and safety training.

(Nov 2000 to May 2001)

Cape contracts , Doncaster

Work on B.P vam-etac contract at Hull, work incluing, pipework,vessel and column work. Also worked at Honda Swindonin Fab shop.Developments for all types of work, i.e. bend's flat- backs, lobster - backs, elbows, T pieces, reducers, dome ends, and square to rounds.

(May 2000 to Nov 2000)

Northwest Holts , Glasgow

New gas turbine powerstation,Damhead Creek Kent. Covering all aspects of insulation i.e pipework,vesselwork, tanks and turbine work.Insulating and fabrication of materials such as alliminium and stainless steel.

(Aug 2000 to May 2000)

Hertel Uk , MIddlesborough

Work in Belgium, on new Amoco refinery , covering all aspects of instalation, including pipework, column work, tanks, vessel exchangers and armaflex work.Doing the insulation and development of materials.

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