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Freelance Software / Web Developer

Expert Software Developer, C,C++,Java, C#,.NET, ASPX, PHP, (web, desktop, server, system level, database / SQL))

Rating:5 out of 5 (1 reviews)
Hourly Rate / Cost:£47.06 per hour (ex. VAT)
Daily Rate / Cost:£376.47 per day (ex. VAT)
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Candidate ID:318630
: Offers a discounted hourly rate to registered charities
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20 July 2010: Excellent developer, very well organised and worked to a high standard of quality

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CV (Curriculum Vitae) / Résumé

A dedicated professional developer with extensive commercial industry experience many commercially published applications and systems, with a proven track record of design, implementation and solving difficult problems.

.NET Environment, WPF, Entity Framework, ASPX, C#, VB.NET == 2002
C, C++, Visual C++, COM, OLE2, MFC, ATL, STL, ODBC, ADO, DAO, ISAPI, CGI == 1983
Websites & Web Apps, PHP, jQuery, Ajax, ASP.NET, JavaScript, (X)HTML, CSS == 1997
Java 1.6, JSP, J2SE, J2EE == 2000
Basic (Microsoft Visual Basic and others) == 1982
Borland Delphi / C++ Builder, VCL components == 1995 / 97
Pascal, Perl, awk, Lisp, Assembler (68k, x86, SEL 32/77, PE3250, 8bit) == 1986

Systems Design, Database Design, GUI design and system architecture design == 1990
Websites, eCommerce and Web Applications == 1997
Application Construction (COTS and custom), == 1984
Point of Sale Systems, Stock Control, Ordering, Itemised Inventory Control == 1992
Multilingual Applications, (Unicode / internationalisation) == 1994
Simulation, Flight Simulation, Process Simulation Radar Systems, Missile Control == 1992
Real Time Software, Device Drivers, Kernel Mode == 1985
Distributed Systems, Clustering, Application Servers == 1992
Computer Based Training and Instructional Management systems == 1988
Email, Comms, TCP/IP, POP3, RFC822, PKI encryption and transmission == 1992
VoIP, Asterisk, Trixbox == 2007
Generation of tools to aid development process, compiler modifications == 1992

Object Oriented Programming and Design == 1990
Multilingual Applications, (Unicode / internationalisation) == 1994
SQL databases (SQL Server 7, Oracle 8, Firebird, Postgres/PostGIS, MySQL) == 1995
COM, COM+, DCOM, CORBA == 1997
Entity Framework, DAO, ODBC, ADO, JDBC == 1995
Embedded relational databases (Firebird, SQLite, McKOI, CTREE+) == 1994

Microsoft Windows, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 ==1990
UNIX: System V, BSD 4.2, NetBSD & Linux == 1987
Open VMS/VAX V6.2, Open VMS/Alpha == 1986
Silicon Graphics IRIX 6.5, OpenGL, IRIS GL == 1995
TCP/IP, DNS, SSL, clients & servers: SMTP, POP3, NNTP, Telnet == 1992

Employment History

(Mar 2003 & ongoing)

Freelance Software Developer

Brighton, Sussex

C++ C# VB.NET .NET PHP Java MySql SQL Server SQLCE SQLite SEO CRM Perl WPF GDI+ Winforms ASP.NET CSS Jquery Javascript Application Development Entity Framework Real Time Web Applications Websites Framework Design

Application Development
Responsible for the ground up design and development of a system
for catering providers to allow the design and costing of menus and
recipes, production of order sheets and reporting. Distributed
application implementation allowed shared development of
centralised database. Publish / Subscribe model.
C# / WPF
Entity Framework
SQL CE / SQL Server 2008
Microsoft Synchronisation Framework
Developed a digital sign display for 2lk for display on an exhibition
stand using large seamless plasma displays.
Redesigned the Chemdata application with a modern UI refactoring
the existing database. Responsible for the implementation of the
UI and providing an interface layer to the engines. Constructed a
HTML generation engine for document display and maintenance.
C++ Builder
HTML Document Display
Designed and developed a customized CRM Application for Fire
Alarm Installation and Maintenance. The application performed
planning of scheduled appointments on a yearly basis, customer
tracking and inventory maintenance
Access 2000
PDF Generation
Designed and implemented a print device to allow application to
printing directly to email with attached PDF containing the print
output. Built by reuse and extension of opensource components
CCPDFConverter, Mime, Ghostscript.
Extended the Tremcard application to produce PDF files directly C++
PDF Tracker Libraries
Responsible for the redevelopment and enhancement of Final-, a national hunt racing virtual world. Required to
redesign and re-implement the entire racing engine, together with
many changes to provide a better UX, and better security.
Developed HR recruitment management site Vb.NET ASP.NET SQL Server
Production of a bespoke online ordering system at
(, extending and completing an
incomplete system. Refactored existing code, redesigned portions
to meet customer requirements. Customer management (CRM),
purchasing process and reporting. Used
Created online ordering web site for B2B sales of Tremcard
Application. Responsible for the complete system design, database
analysis, Entity-Relationship Model., Reference
Prototype & Scriptaculous
Protx Payments
Richard Harrison ( skype:Richard.Harrison CV: August 2010
Maintain and develop
Modified site to make it more SE friendly SEO resulting in improved
search ranking and an increase of SE hits by over 200%.
Construction of a Web application using primarily Javascript, with
backend CGI servers, for both Apache and IIS, to provide online
searching and document retrieval including dynamic PDF generation
for Dutch Oil company.
Client Side application
Real Time, Low Level
Primarily responsible for the development of the SwiftIOS virtual
machine emulator – allowing non-native (i.e. Motorola 68k) code to
run on any Linux based operating system. Required building a
shared memory system over Ethernet (TCP/IP), together with and
an object oriented event messaging framework for C++ to permit
efficient fast inter-object communication.
68k emulation
TCP/IP Sockets
Designed and built an efficient real-time executive scheduler in C+
+ multi-threading support simulation mathematical models.
Built a neural network using genetic algorithms to assist in the
analysis and prediction of financial market data.
C# .NET Service
Simulation and Training
Designed and built the Scriptor training system, both course
creation and course execution, for the DirectToLearning, platform.
Object based, and integrated with simulated avionics devices for
course creation, including audio prompts, a Virtual Instructor to
guide students.
Computer Based Training
Designed the system architecture for the DirectToLearning avionics
training platform. This is a Java/Swing application to provide an
integrated training environment simulating the operation of an
Avidyne glass cockpit for the Cirrus SR-22 aircraft. The system
required the use of pseudo real-time multi-rate simulation modules,
and a flexible and generic set of classes for UI display, together
with GIS for display of maps and geographic data, and simulation of
navigation systems, including GPS. Designed an object based
message bus to allow IPC based upon ARINC 429 between
simulation modules.
Navigational Data
Embedded SQL
Implemented ARINC 424 to SQL database import in Java using
Firebird Embedded to provide navigational data
Java / Embedded SQL
Implemented Jeppesen Integration Toolkit for chart display Win32, C, JNI

(Jun 1998 to Mar 2003)

Technical Director


Responsible at board level for guiding the technical implementation of the company strategy, web presence, development programs and commercial aspects of the company including involvement with business plans, commercial models, liaising with and working with other external companies such as Sun Microsystems, Oracle and Microsoft.

Responsible for the design of a load balanced and fault tolerant clustered Web application server. CORBA, COM, JavaScript, XML, HTML, Solaris/Windows.

Responsible for the design and development of a FX trading system (POS). C++, SQL, ODBC, STL, Windows 32

Creation of a web application Incident management system. C++, CGI, ODBC, SQL Server.

(Oct 1994 to Jun 1998)

Freelance Software Developer

Zaretto LTD, Hove

Swiss Air Force - Hawk Simulator update and hardware upgrade. C, UNIX

UI for two complete windows applications targetting the Chemical Information database. C++, Zinc

Email / Forum browser application. C, Delphi, POP3, Windows 32,

Production of Delphi components for the Hutchinson 1998 encyclopaedia. Delphi VCL.

Consultant to Millennium Interactive for their Artificial Life game Creatures.

Produced Farsi, Arabic, text editor, to produce video titling for TV companies and professional use. C++, Windows, Amiga.

Developed X-Window curses replacement library. C, X11, SunOS, VAX/VMS, ICCM.

Maintenance and upgrade of a multi-lingual system for the production of Material Safety Data Sheets. C, Unicode, DOS, Extended DOS

Upgraded hardcopy system for flight simulators at British Midland and GECat. C, Unix, Fortran, Simualtion.

(Jul 1990 to Sep 1994)


IML , Brighton

Responsible for the design of upgrades and enhancements to a large complex Operational Analysis (vehicle routing and delivery scheduling) system for Dutch Oil Company.
The challenging role included all aspects of software development, from project planning, cost estimation, design and implementation of the applications. Latest development techniques were used, including Object Oriented systems and the usage of GUI technology within applications, including OSF Motif and Microsoft Windows NT.
Responsible for the design of an extensible Object Oriented user-interface library to work with text-only terminal displays.
The work was undertaken using C, Visual C++ and Pascal, under VAX/VMS, AXP/VMS, Windows NT (Intel and AXP).

(Aug 1987 to Jul 1990)



Responsible for leading the development of the Instructor's Training Control System for various flight and procedure training devices, including full flight simulators.
Designed and implemented a novel method of page loading to reduce page change time from around 3 seconds to less than half a second. Designed and implemented a novel, efficient, real-time interprocessor simulation variable communications system. These two changes to system performance were crucial as it enabled the system to work to customer requirement in terms of response, and extended the useful life of the entire instructional system.
Responsible for the installation, maintenance and upgrading of training devices airlines including British Airways, Air France and the Swiss Air Force.
The work was undertaken using C in a UNIX environment, Fortran 77 and Assembler on Encore/Gould real time simulation.

Professional Qualifications

Function Points: Usage, Counting and Analysis. IBM 1993
CASE: System Architect Within any Methodology 1993
Objected Oriented Design Techniques IBM 1987
VMS System Management, small systems environment DEC 1987
Database Systems Concepts DEC 1990
Structured Design for using MASCOT methodology SDL 1986


• Design of ZXAF, an opensource ( extensible MVC based application framework for web sites and applications. Provides inter object communications, event notification system, Database layer, MVC. PHP, MySQL, jQuery.
• Interpreted a loose set of requirements to design a novel easy to use application for catering management operations to design build and cost menus for use in food service establishments. Used WPF. C# .NET, EF.
• Redeveloped and enhanced horse racing simulation game. Designed and implemented a parameter based race simulation engine. UX redesign using Ajax. Added extended security model, paypal payments and automatic registration.
• Development of the SwiftIOS virtual machine emulator – allowing non-native (i.e. Motorola 68k) code to run on any Linux based operating system. Required building a 68k CPU emulator, interface and glue logic to allow syscalls to run natively, development of a shared memory system over Ethernet (TCP/IP), together with and an object oriented event messaging framework for C++ to permit inter communication between objects at the object level.
• Responsible for the systems design and implementation of a synthetic training environment for a Cirrus-SR22 glass cockpit, using Java/Swing. Use of GIS, Geographic Data for navigation, GPS simulation, Moving Map, interobject communication via messaging and a sophisticated dynamic CBT lesson system.
• Architectural Design and implementation of a scalable, multilingual, multi-tier clustering Web application server. This server provided system integration services using CORBA, included a CMS engine and allowed the company to provide applications operating identically to Windows applications thus opening up a much larger market for their product.
• Identified the need for a coherent documented system build procedures for a configuration managed application release procedure. Designed the processes both automated and manual required to recreate system builds and track components. The result was a significantly improved release schedule, with no “bad builds” and easier maintenance.
• Designed and developed multingual web based ordering system. Extensible module based admin area providing translation, reporting, data export to CSV / XML Developed using PHP, MySQL, C++.
• Developed Web Thin Client Applications using JavaScript, CGI, Apache modules. Adopted a traditional object oriented approach to application delivery using solid design principles resulting in a well structured, maintainable application framework for browser based GUI applications.
• Development and implementation of a global enterprise level multilingual Point of Sale application component a key element in a global deployment strategy for an international organisation. Using my knowledge and deep understanding of Object Oriented Systems (data abstraction, polymorphism and persistency) to design novel techniques fundamental to the operation of the application including i18n, extensibility and tier communication
• Identified the need for a coherent documented system build procedures for a configuration managed application release procedure. Designed the processes both automated and manual required to recreate system builds and track components. The result was a significantly improved release schedule, with no bad builds and easier maintenance.

Assignment History

(This Candidate has recently been shortlisted or contracted for the following people4 assignments)

  • PHP MySQL developer: Eastbourne company now expanding into software engineering, are urgently seeking an experienced freelance PHP/MySQL developer to assist our existing small, though enthusiastic, software team to deliver a fully-featured CMS for October. The prospective applicant should also have a working knowledge of Javascript (JQuery) and CSS.
  • web developer: Description: WEB DEVELOPER • A web developer is required to develop a web application that allows premises inspectors to visit sites and perform inspections. • The application must be able to store audit data offline for uploading to the server at a later time (some sites visited by the inspectors have no Internet connectivity). We're proposing using HTML5 local data storage to support this.
  • Website Rebuild: Quotes required for complete re-build of an existing website. This includes: - MY SQL / PHP / XML / CSS and full E-commerce integration. - Full CMS of all public pages. - Back office with different user access levels and searchability. - Insertion, editing and adding of pricing packages, prod codes, locations, customers. - basic E-Mail newsletter. - Existing Supplier database would need to be imported. - Will require full testing before launch.
  • PHP Developer: We require a long term contractor to build a Partner Relationship Management database solution using PHP / SQL / Java etc. The solution will have a web facing front end for partners to use, as well as a back end for internal users who will have the ability to perform normal database activities (update / merge / delete / add records etc).
  • ASP.NET/C#: Five week contract Development project on existing ASP.NET/C# data management application. Starting 8.03.2010

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