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Freelance Management / Financial Consultant London, Greater London, UK

Accomplished senior executive, with many years experience advising, public and private sector clients in the UK and international organisations on all aspect of of management and financial issues.

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CV (Curriculum Vitae) / Résumé

I am currently a freelance consultant advising private and public sector organisations on all aspect of strategic, policy, finance, debt and equity fund raising, risk management and all management issues. Areas of experience include the following:PFI/PPP, Financial, Economics, Strategic, Policy, Procurement, Business Planning and Financial analysis, Procedural advice, Raising Debt and Equity Finance for Emerging Market governments and companies, Due Diligence, fund raising, governance, SME advice, capacity building and training, capital project analysis, feasibility studies and option appriasals, Value for Money analysis, social housing and regeneration.
Prior to this worked as a Management Consultant in the Project Finance team. I was also the Finance Director for a real estate/ affordable housing organisation in London and worked initially as a Management Trainee and subsequently as a Financial Services Manager.

Employment History

(2005 & ongoing)

Independent Management / Financial Consultant


Advising private and public sector organisations on all aspect of strategic, policy, debt and equity fund raising, risk management and financial issues. Areas covered include the following:
• International Development- PFI/PPP, Financial, Economics, Strategic, Policy, Procurement and Procedural advice: Working with governments in developing countries, advising on all aspect of project, strategic and policy issues. Areas of advise includes: Detailed PFI/PPP project transaction advice, public financial management, developing strategic orientations of their public investment programme and projects, projects transaction support incorporating all public sector, and Joint Ventures (e.g PFI/PPP) transactions. Other areas of advice/support includes, developing and proposing delivery vehicles structures, developing business cases, financial analysis and due diligence, proposing operational structures and providing budget proposals for new projects, project assessment and selection of both public investment and PFI/PPP projects, procurement advice, project research, database management, monitoring and reporting, quality assurance, capacity building and training and other supporting services. Advised the Government of Rwanda (GoR) on a 5/6 months contract Government of Rwanda (World Bank, DFID(UK international agency) and SIDA funded (Sweden International))
• Raising Debt and Equity Funds for Emerging Market Companies: Working with companies and governments in emerging market countries, in particular, Sub Sahara Africa to raise the capital required, especially growth capital, (both Equity and Debt). Our role includes reviewing the information provided by the organisations to ascertain how suitable these are to be presented to investors and preparing or refining the Business plan and financial plan to meet the investors needs, ie getting the companies to be ready for presenting to investors. This includes building and stress testing the financial model ensuring that the financial outcomes meet the investors requirement both now and during the course of the investment, preparing the business plans. Areas of work also includes, deal sourcing, investment analysis, deal structuring, negotiating, and executing, advising clients on all aspect of business and financial planning as well as other issues affecting their business, and any impinging accounting implications. We are currently advising several companies/government in the following sectors and countries Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal and Sierra Leone. Sectors: Pharmaceutical, Cocoa, Refuse Waste Energy, Real Estate, Financial Services, Affordable Housing, Agri/Food Processing.
• PFI and PPP: lead financial advisor on housing PFI as well as setting up a separate PPP delivery vehicle. Areas of advice includes project evaluation, establishing a business case, affordability analysis, value for money review, bid evaluation, production of feasibility studies, testing the operational and strategic impact of solutions both at local level and in consultation with central government . For the LDA, assessing PFI involvement of the agency in the housing project it supports financially. Authorities/organisations advised includes: London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, The London Development Agency, Government of Rwanda
• Due Diligence: Assessing the viability (both operational and financial) of projects and partners the agency works with as well as managing the financial aspect of the procurement process. Organisations advised: The London development Agency.
• Governance: Advised social housing companies on all aspect of Corporate Governance as well as the political ramifications of their strategies and policies. Establishing governance systems for newly formed companies and putting in place the necessary governance framework to address both their political status and corporate needs. Evaluating and reviewing the systems and appraising their governance framework as well as liaising with government departments on their behalf on all aspect of monitoring, assessment and evaluation of their corporate and political governance framework. London Thames Gateway Development Corporation, Derby Homes Ltd. North Warwickshire District Council.
• Capacity Building and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development: the development of SME information systems and capacity building for SME staff. Supporting third sector organizations build up their business plans and grant applications as well as general financial advice. The London Development Agency, Government of Rwanda
• Strategic Social Housing and Real Estate Finance advice: Advising the London Development Agency on aspects of its housing policy particularly in relation to investing in new social housing in the city and working with potential partners in delivering the various housing programs, such as PFI, Community Land Trust (CLT). The London development Agency.
• Financial Bid Procurement: Financial bid procurement. Preparing the financial response to bids and undertaking the financial costing as well as providing advice on public sector finance. Organisations advised: British Telecom, Government of Rwanda
• Capital Project Appraisal and Option Appraisals: Setting up systems to appraise real estate and infrastructure projects. This includes developing the financial models to accommodate the different project types and establishing the appropriate processes and procedures required to rank and select the most viable projects to proceed with. The London Thames Gateway Development Corporation, The London Development Agency, The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Government of Rwanda
• Regeneration organizations: assist quasi governmental bodies to formulate their long term regeneration strategies and policies. Advised includes project financial analysis, project delivery and appraisal. Assisted in formulating the organisation’s submissions to the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), of their Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR07) funding application. Developed financial models to monitor and manage schemes funding profile as well as the Outputs expected from each scheme. Assisted in developing the Corporate Plan and business plan, as well as advising on economic appraisal for smaller projects. The London Thames gateway Development Corporation.
• Real Estate and Housing Regeneration: lead advisor to a large London authority on the regeneration of one of its largest housing estate. This involved being the lead advisor on the procurement process, financial analysis and producing business plans as well as advising on all aspect of the financial process. Worked with other advisors to raise the required capital finance, investigating the most appropriate special purpose delivery vehicle to adopt. The estate included all funding aspect of regeneration which comprised of housing, commercial, schools and other public services. Authorities advised, London Borough of Barking.
• Value for Money (VFM) and Efficiency Reviews: Developed models for reviewing, benchmarking and recommending areas of change resulting in potential financial savings in various public sector functions. Authorities/organisations advised includes: Derby Homes, Kerrier Homes, London Borough of Haringey, North Warwickshire District Council, Shepherds Bush Housing Association, Walsall Housing Group, Government of Rwanda
• Support services reviews and restructuring: review of the support functions within public sector organizations with efficiency savings and restructuring recommendations. Authorities/organisations advised includes: Hounslow Homes Ltd., Ealing Homes Ltd.
• Housing Stock Option Appraisals: Assisting several London Boroughs and local Councils in their housing stock option appraisal, Authorities/organisations advised includes: London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.
• Setting up Local Authorities Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMO) and Housing Stock Transfer companies: Assist authorities to set up new organizations to take ownership of public sector social housing stock and setting up new Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMO) organizations for managing the Councils entire housing stock. Authorities/organisations advised includes: Ealing Homes (ALMO set up), Blackpool Borough Council (stock transfer evaluation), Tamworth Borough Council, London Borough of Hackney, Waverley Borough Council.
• Housing Stock Transfer: one of the financial advisor to a local authority based in the south east on the potential transfer of their housing stock to a newly created housing association. Authorities advised- Waverley Borough Council
• Financial Modeling and Business Planning
• Risk Management

(2002 to 2005)

Assistant Director/Senior Executive


Working for both public and private sector clients on all aspect of housing finance and project finance transactions. Areas of experience include:
Housing stock option appraisals: Lead consultant to a number of authorities in London and the South East, advising on the strategic, financial and operational implications of the options available on the future of their housing stock. This includes Stock Transfer, Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) and PFI housing options. Achievement: developed financial models that assess the most appropriate option for the housing stock and recommending innovative structures that maximizes the authority’s financial position.
Authorities advised: London Borough of Hackney, Reading Borough Council, London Borough of Southwark
Project finance including PFI/PPP: All aspect of PFI/PPP project advice, including the financial analysis, business case development, Value for Money (VfM) assessment, affordability assessment, bid evaluation, production of feasibility studies, testing the operational and strategic impact, raising the capital, procurement and negotiating the various agreements. Provided advice on a number of Large infrastructure and social sector projects. Other project advice are Housing Stock transfers, funding and maximizing funding options, general finance advice to public and private sector clients.
Treasury Management: Treasury Management advice to stock transfer authorities as well as private sector consortium on Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects. Achievement: Responsible for putting in place and executing the loan and interest rate strategy for the largest housing stock transfer in Europe, a total loan debt of £725 Million. Provide general treasury advice including developing the organization’s Treasury Policy.
Authorities advised: Glasgow Housing Association, Dumfries and Galloway Council, Mowlem Construction Company.
Housing Stock Transfer and ALMO implementation: Advising local authorities on partial and whole stock transfers and ALMO implementation. Lead consultant on advising authorities in London and the south east on Stock Transfers and setting up ALMOs.
Authorities advised: London Borough of Hackney (partial transfer), London Borough of Southwark, Glasgow Housing Association, Dumfries and Galloway Council,
Business Planning: Advising Local Authority clients on all aspect of developing their strategic housing business plans including the financial modeling as well as their Housing Revenue Account (HRA) and General Fund account. Achievement: developed business plans that met the requirement of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM).
Authorities advised: South Cambridgeshire District Council, London Borough of Hackney, London Borough of Southwark
Risk Management: advised public sector clients on risk management. This includes developing a risk management strategy as well as running workshops. Achievement: developed risk matrixes that allowed clients to effectively manage their risk exposure.
Bids for new project: prepared bids for potential new projects, as well as presenting on topical issues on behalf of government bodies such as the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) to Local Authorities.

(1992 to 2002)

Director/Deputy Director of finance

Hyde Housing Group Ltd, London

1997 –2002 Position: Deputy Director of Finance
Responsible for the Treasury Management, Property Development Finance, and the Project Finance teams in a large Housing/Real Estate Group, with over 33,000 properties in management. Responsibilities included establishing the necessary policies and processes to allow the Group to invest in property assets prudently and ensuring that these assets are utilized efficiently and effectively, raising the necessary capital finance . This included accounting for all assets as well as the relevant liabilities in the group’s Balance sheet and Income and Expenditure account.
• Capital Project Appraisal and Financial Modeling: developed appraisal models to evaluate the financial viability of capital projects. This involved appraising new projects including PFI projects and re-appraising existing projects as well developing and maintaining the models. Achievement: Developed Appraisal models allowing for a saving of around £100,000 per annum.
• New Business Bids: worked with the Regional Development Directors and the relevant project teams to prepare tenders and bids for new businesses. Achievement: lead financial role in bids worth over £60 million.
• Business Planning, PPP, Housing Stock Transfers and New Subsidiaries: key role in the organization’s group strategy on establishing new housing/real estate subsidiaries. Responsibility included preparing the Business Plans and appraising the project to determine the valuation. Achievement: I was one of the lead players in the Housing Stock Transfer subsidiary that was formed, which took over ownership responsibility of a total of 2500 properties from a Local Authority.
• Treasury Management: Responsible for all aspect of the group’s Treasury Management functions (as outlined below). This included the management of its £380 million loan book debt. Areas of responsibility involved investigating and working with funders on new funding structures in both the Capital Market and the Banking sectors. Effectively managing the group’s borrowings by reducing its cost and maximizing its investment income. Managed the use of the company’s property stock for loan security/collateral purpose. Utilized Derivative products such as SWAPs, CAPs to assist in minimising the group’s interest rate and inflation exposure and reducing the borrowing cost. Achievement: Issued Bond in the Capital Market at very low long-term rates, resulting in huge savings
• Financial Control and Risk Management: establish framework for financial control, reporting, and procedures for all aspect of the group’s Capital Investment program and Treasury functions and ensured these were adhered to and regularly updated. This involved setting up systems for areas such as the development project subsidy and contribution levels, as well as the group’s Land banking Policy. Achievement: Established a property land banking policy, which reduced the organization’s exposure to land prices movement.
• Financial Accounting, Business Plan and Budgeting: ensured that all the group’s assets and liability, Loan debts and investment income are properly accounted for in the Management and Statutory Accounts. Achievement: set up systems to automate the monthly variance reports on the budget figures.
• Board reporting: prepared and presented reports to both the Senior Management Team and the Managing Board. Reporting areas included policy and strategy reviews on all areas of responsibility.
• Commercial Company: Acted as the Finance Director for the group’s commercial subsidiary (Hyde Vale Ltd). Took the lead in setting up the commercial housing subsidiary responsible for market rent properties and properties for sale. Achievement: put in place a viable Business Plan that looked at innovative ways of bringing funds into the organisation.
• Business Process Modeling: led the Business Process Modeling project in assessing, and implementing changes to some of the key processes in the Finance department. Key player in reviewing and implementing changes in working practices in the finance department, which triggered out to the rest of the organisation. Achievement: Streamlined process and made savings
• Staff Management: Managed three teams with a total staff of 15 from different professional disciplines. I was also the finance representative on the organisation’s learning and Development steering group, which looked at the promotion, development and training of staff and work towards the Association’s maintaining its ‘Investors in People’ status.
• Information Technology: Worked as part of the team that developed the group’s IT strategy as well as implemented the organization’s new Property Management and financials software packages.
1992 - 1997 Position: Treasury Manager
Reporting to the Finance Director, I was responsible for setting up the Treasury department and determining the systems to put in place to allow it to function efficiently and effectively. I had direct responsibility for all aspect of the Treasury Management functions, which included managing its large loan debt. Areas of responsibility include:
• Cash Management: control and managed the group’s short, medium and long-term liquidity requirement.
• Investment: determined and maintained the list of counterparties for investment and Derivative purpose
• Policies: formulated and developed the group’s annual Treasury Management, Asset Management and Capital Investment Policy and Strategy. Ensured that these are regularly reviewed in line with the market forecast.
• Negotiation: proposed and investigated methods of raising private finance. Negotiated key commercial terms on new financial transactions and then worked with the Lawyers in negotiating the detailed documentation of the necessary loan facility.
• Financial Accounting: responsible for all aspect of accounting for interest payments and loans. This included preparing the budgeted figures and reviewing these regularly.
• Interest Rate Management and Derivatives: ensured that an appropriate mix is achieved in the group’s loan portfolio which is in line with market conditions and the group’s long term mission. Used derivative products to assist in reducing the long and short-term interest rate and inflation rate risk exposure.
• Systems: Designed and implemented a database system that maximized the use of the Association’s assets for loan security purpose.

(1985 to 1990)

Manager/Management Trainee


1988-1990 Position: Financial Services Executive/Manager
Managed the Financial Services section and trained staff on all aspect relating to corporate lending issues and the relevant supporting loan security/collateral required. Detailed credit risk analysis on new lending proposals for corporate clients and made appropriate recommendation.
• Charging Security/Collateral: Responsible for charging assets given as security in support of loan facilities and ensuring that these fully cover the bank’s total risk.
• Lending Propositions: Assessed, and approved new lending propositions from large corporations. Also monitored and reviewed existing facilities, reporting any significant variances.
• Loan Recovery: Dealt with loan recovery matters and liaised with the bank’s legal department accordingly in this respect.
• Marketing and banking legislation: Interpreted new and amended lending securities legislation for staff use and worked as part of a steering group in preparing area marketing plans for the development of new businesses.
• Loan Documentation: Drafted commercial Heads of Terms for new lending proposals and worked with the legal team in preparing the draft and final loan documentation.
• Derivatives: Advised clients on the use of derivative products such as SWAPS, CAPS, COLLARS and OPTIONS.
• Foreign Exchange: Advised on International Trade transactions and dealt with matters such as Forward Rate Agreements, and methods of payments such as Documentary Credits.
• Investments: Advised and dealt with Investment of funds i.e. Money Market, Stocks and Shares and Life Policies. Also dealt with loan guarantees.
1985-1988 Position: Management Trainee
As Member of the bank's Accelerated Training Program, I received training and experience on a wide range of the Bank’s activities as well as attending a series of related courses. Areas covered include the following:
• Credit Training
• International Trade
• Lending
• Loan Documentation and loan security
• Corporate Finance
• Charging Loan Security
• Insurance

Professional Qualifications

1991: Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

1990: Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB)

1985: Diploma in Business and Finance

Professional memberships: -
 The Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB)
 Association of Masters in Business Administration (AMBA)


( 1990 to 1991)

University of Bradford, Management Centre

( 1986 to 1989)

London Guildhall University

( 1983 to 1985)

Kingsway Princeton College


( 1977 to 1982)

Parliament Hill School

Assignment History

(This Candidate has recently been shortlisted or contracted for the following people4 assignments)

  • A professional with Accounting background to deliver lecture on Cash Management and Credit Control to non finance professionals as part of a refresher programme for CPD
  • Project Manager Coach: Project Manager Coach
  • Internal Verifier - HNC HND courses: We are in process of getting accreditation from Edexcel for HNC and HND courses. We are looking for experienced Internal Verifiers / Assessors who can help us to prepare assignments for accreditation of Edexcel HND business courses and then deliver the courses to the students. Please apply to Alexis Taylor -
  • QuarkXpress 8 and CS4 illustrator: To work from home on updating a technical book created in QuarkXpress 8 and CS4 illustrator. to come into the office to be briefed and then work from home. Around 4 days work. Please apply for more details.
  • Powerpoint expert: Preparation of 8-10 page Powerpoint for VC firm to its investors within the next fortnight. Please apply for more details.

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