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Freelance Consultant Romford, Essex, UK

Implementation configuration and training consultant

Rating:Unrated (New)
Hourly Rate / Cost:£68.24 per hour (ex. VAT)
Daily Rate / Cost:£545.88 per day (ex. VAT)
Available From:Now
Candidate ID:362822
: Offers a discounted hourly rate to registered charities

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CV (Curriculum Vitae) / Résumé

In October 2004 I made the transition from permanent work to contracting and freelancing. I have been a Learning and Development / Training Manager and Trainer (Freelance, Contract and Permanent) for over ten years and have previously worked in the educational, financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and construction sectors and also directly for training companies. I have a diploma in Training and Facilitation, I hold MOS Master Status and I am an MMI (Microsoft Master Instructor). I have completed my IC3 exams and I am one of the few IC3 Instructors in the UK (

I believe in the development of people and appreciate that training is not a “one size fits all” solution so I continually re-evaluate the method of delivery for the courses that I implement to ensure that the most appropriate approach for both the organization and the individual is used.

Working on contracts the majority of the roles I undertake are project based where new applications are going into an organisation. Although the main objective for the engagement may be to introduce the new technology and create a delivery approach for the technical training there is also business process and methodology that needs to be addressed.

Where possible I use internal communication methods to ‘advertise’ new applications and benefits so that the change culture has stared and when people attend the training courses they are more positive as to the reasons why this will benefit them in the long run. There are no benefits to anyone attending a training course if you are dealing with cultural change and resistance so I try to get these addressed beforehand.

On projects I have to balance numerous factors to deliver training to a schedule, deadline, budget and ensure there is adequate ROI. Methods I use vary between projects some rollouts I have the luxury of longer course, others it is a quick delivery followed by floor walking, email tips and workshops. Every project has different needs and requirements and one of my skills is working to get the ‘best fit’ for the client and end user.

I have set up internal training department for new companies and provided consultation to existing internal training departments looking at quality, costs and maximising the profile of the internal training function. I have managed / reduced budgets and still provided the same, if not higher level of training quality and quantity when dealing with 3rd parties. I have designed, developed and delivered training in the UK, Europe, Asia and America. Whilst I have delivered in English this has sometimes been to people with English as a second / third language or with the help of translators which, requires different skills in the delivery and the structure of the course.

Employment History

(Apr 2012 to Apr 2013)

Implementation configuration and training consultant

Contract position

Working on a Global Microsoft Dynamics 2011 CRM rollout I was involved with all aspects of the implementation including Business Analysis, Solution design, Solution configuration, Implementation and releasing to the different environments and then amending code where appropriate, creating global views and dashboard, configuring CRM express, designing and implementing the security roles, managing legacy data for cleansing and implementation, populating a training environment and producing scripts for data loads, designing full training workbooks, exercises, QRGs and supporting wikki.

I created a supporting sharepoint wikki for all support and training materials and embedded this into an iframe in a dashboard for access direct from CRM. I also developed some basic pipeline dashboards (and views) to show data and income broken down into the different stages of the sales process – there was a dual purpose to these to show not only the projected income but it also highlighted areas where the sales data needed ‘cleaning’.

The delivery aspect of this role was global with me travelling and training staff from our US, African and Asian Offices (Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma, Vietnam, japan, United States). I spent a week in each site delivering the training and configuring their setup – designing adhoc reports / Dashboards and workflows to support local processes.

The courses that I run are very interactive with work based scenarios that I use throughout to embed the technical aspect with their day to day jobs.

My final ‘challenge’ before the project needed was to design and deliver some ‘local champion’ courses – I did these in a series of half day workshops with ‘pre work’ – some attendees were local and in class room and other people joined via webex. I supported these with online ‘exercises’ in one note hosted in their own sharepoint area which became a support area for the champions.

(Jul 2011 to Apr 2012)

Sole Trainer and support

Contract position

Working on a Global Microsoft Dynamics CRM rollout I designed the training component. As the sole Trainer to support circa 6000 global users I followed a TTT approach for delivery and to support this created a Training and Information SharePoint Wiki (over 250 pages), byte size Elearning modules using captivate (over 150 items) and course materials, exercise books an post course exercise cards (over 100).

The time I was given for each course delivery was very ‘economical’ so I needed to maximise the content during the sessions as well as prepare people for continued learning after the session. I needed to design an approach for the supporting documents where I could make the team trainers / superusers responsible for their own continued learning.

My audiences were end users, Administrators, IT Support, Marketing and ‘Sales’.

For a delivery phase I delivered In Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, UAE, Ireland and UK over a very aggressive 10 week period. All courses were 100% hands on teaching my mixed audiences CRM structure, application process, new business principals and integrations with existing applications. The audiences were both enthusiastic and challenging and I was facilitating many discussions outside of the training course and potential approaches they could take for deployment going forward.

As a small team of 3 running the delivery rollout we all worked together and overlapped on roles so where necessary I also wore a hat of BA looking at getting structures and customisation correct on the application, support or managing and re running work flows and creating global views and also looking at data quality from legacy applications to migrate into the new application.

(Apr 2011 to Jul 2011)

Training Consultant

Contract position

Working on a global Salesforce CRM rollout creating training documentation, exercise packs and delivery of courses to end users and TTT in both the UK and regional offices. Working with the BA’s and PM’s for each of the countries being deployed and adapting the materials for both the different styles of training in the countries as well as the local changes they have in Salesforce. I was also introducing them to OBI reporting.

(Feb 2011 to Mar 2011)

Freelance - Training Consultant

Following on from a Citrix and Office upgrade I was travelling around their Pilot Sites (branches) delivering ‘clinics’ on 2007, troubleshooting issues and providing 1:1 training and support.

(Nov 2010 to Feb 2011)

Systems Trainer

After passing Visa’s internal induction course I was working on a confidential project during its proposition stage. By using the projected documentation I identified the 15 courses for delivery, the audiences and then developed training approaches for each of the courses. I produced a full course package for our induction course to the stage where it is ready to pilot. Other courses were developed to the appropriate stage in relation to the project. E-Learning modules were highlighted and story boards designed and developed in a PowerPoint format for future conversion to E-Learning.

(Aug 2010 to Nov 2010)

Freelance delivery assignments

Working with various clients, designing and delivering Microsoft training courses and seminars.

(May 2010 to Aug 2010)

Training Consultant

Contract position

Continuing on from my previous project I created the communication rollout plan for the project and a high level deployment plan. 2 weeks before the pilot group I ‘saw’ the new desktop build that had no training / guides developed so then brought that under my umbrella to complete a full suite of ‘training’.

In preparation for our launch I developed a section on the intranet for guides, documentation, Elearning, FAQ’s and tip sheets. I also created a discussion forum for the project where i updated the ‘issues’ at the end of each day.

On the go live day I developed a walk through guide to take users through the new environment and complete various system tests. For the Outlook migration the walk through test was deployed using survey monkey for full branching so people only needed to check items relevant to them.

(Mar 2010 to May 2010)


Contract position

Providing floorwalking support to the Trust. I was mainly based in the Emergency Department and was providing 2nd line support on the usage of the system as well as training the Doctors, Nurses and Admin staff in between patients. In quite periods I designed ORGs and process guides to trouble shoot department issues and ensure that data input was to required specifications.

(Oct 2009 to Mar 2010)

Training Consultant

Contract position

I was employed to look after the training side of the implementation of Outlook 2007 and OWA 2003 for people migrating from GroupWise. I was involved in creating a UAT plan and implementing that together with writing all supporting documentation and designing, writing and publishing byte size E-learning . This was for Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 together with writing information in respect of the Government Secure Email requirements.

(Feb 2009 to Jul 2009)

Instructional Designer & Sole Trainer

I was employed to develop a training suite with full documentation to compliment a UK wide IT upgrade and then to deliver the training.

The platform had 3 different builds Citrix, Zen Desktop and XP and was running office 2007 and Lotus Notes 8.5. The audience consist of 1100 people throughout the UK. The courses were run as ‘overview’ sessions with a team challenge to allow partial hands on knowledge transfer but full interaction.

Professional Qualifications

English Literature and Language.

English Literature
English Language
Chemistry Spanish
Religious Studies
Applied Technology

TAP certified trainer
Diploma in Training and Facilitation
Delivery Skills
E-learning Primer
Course Design and Development
Advanced Facilitation Skills
Analysing Learning Needs
Managing an L & D Function
MMI – Microsoft Master Instructor
MOS Master
MOS – Word Core
MOS – Word Expert
MOS – Excel Core
MOS – Excel Expert
MOS – Access
MOS – PowerPoint
MOS – Outlook IC³ - Instructor
IC³ - Key Applications IC³ - Living Online
IC³ - Computing Fundamentals

Adobe Acrobat / Distiller
Desk Top Publishing
IC³ Computing Fundamentals
IC³ Key Applications
IC³ Living Online IncrediMail Internet
Internet Explorer Lotus 123
Lotus Notes 5.0, 6.0, 8.5
Lotus Screen Cam
MS Access
MS Binder
MS Excel
MS Front Page
MS Front Page Express
MS Infopath
MS Money
MS Money
MS Net meeting
MS Office
MS One Note
MS Outlook
MS Outlook Express
MS Photo Editor
MS Pocket PC
MS PowerPoint
MS Publisher
MS SharePoint (MOSS)
MS Snipping Tool
MS Visio
MS Word
MS Communicator
MS Works
Office 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007
Paint Shop Pro
PC Skills
Windows 95 98 2000 XP VISTA

Employment History Continued:

LTSB (Contract – August 2008 – November 2008)
Implementation Training Lead
I was employed as an interim training lead to cover a period after the permanent member of staff had retired. I had a team of 5 – 8 direct reports, some of the team were shared utilisation they were split over 2 sites and a mix of both permanent members of staff and contractors.

Initially my role was troubleshooting as the training piece had missed some of its deliverables within the project timeline. The audience for delivery was circa 1400 people UK wide and the solution that had been offered to the company was a blended learning approach with E-learning and Classroom based courses.

I was managing a 3rd party E-learning company on the design of a course to be delivered and the training analysts to produce the work for submission. I rationalised the training time line to work with the UAT and Implementation sections of the project. Where the project TNA had not been explored in depth I revisited that and then presented a full training approach to the business for sign off.

I was managing the work of the training analysts but also their development. The team had been built of SME and Industrial Placement Students. To ensure that the final delivery of the courses in June 2009 was going to have continuity and the same level of competence and quality I created a training structure and standard documentation. Then on weekly workshops exploring the qualities of a trainer, the benefits of the documentation and how a learner digests and retains new information. In presenting session I was facilitating group feedback sessions.

QBE (Contract – November 2007 to May 2008)
OneDesktop Lead Trainer
I was employed as a lead trainer in a project team to roll out a new business platform throughout the company’s UK and European offices. The platform had 2 different builds Citrix and Vista and was running office 2007. The training solution started in the pilot phase as 1:1 training but as the number of people being deployed increased in the first and second phases the plan needed to be revisited and I brought in 2 additional trainers to enable us to delivered a structured classroom approach over 3 training sites. Between the 3 of us we ran an aggressive course schedule with the capacity to deliver 300 people a week.

XPERTISE (Contract – July 2007 – November 2007)
Associate Trainer
I was employed on a short contract working on various client projects including;

NORTEL – 8 Weeks
I was one of 5 specialist CRM trainers delivering the new Microsoft CRM applications to the sales Reps. The training was conducted in Partnership with an internal member of staff who was delivering the new sales System. The courses were throughout the UK, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Dubai.

SHAREPOINT – Moss 2007
I designed and developed the SharePoint 2007 End User course and ran a TTT for other trainers within the company.

DEFRA – 6 Weeks
This was the first phase of a company wide roll out. There were 100 members of staff receiving a new computer upgrade to VISTA, Office 2007, One note, Communicator, Groove and Share point. I was providing 1:1 training / familiarisation to each user as their computer where migrated, floorwalking support, remote support via communicator and training sessions on SharePoint. This was based over 2 client sites. The delegates were Civil Servants ranging from contractors to Director Level.

I created a 60-75 minute seminar on “What is new in MS Office 2007 from a hints and tips perspective”. The seminar was aimed at upper mid-market and enterprise business end-users of MS Office 2007 i.e. PA’s, Sales Managers. The seminar was an interactive presentation style with slides and demonstrations focusing on key reasons why to upgrade to Office 2007, Intro to the Vista Desktop, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint and Groove

Using Articulate as a tool created online skills assessments for MS office 2007.

ADAPT / OPTIMUM (Freelance – July 2007)
I provided freelance training / floorwalking for these training companies delivering ad-hoc courses on Microsoft office both on and offsite from basic computer kills to advanced access.

S THREE (Contract – April 2007 to July 2007)
Implementation Trainer
I was employed to work on the rollout of a bespoke Siebel CRM system across the groups 13 brands. The rollout will involve training over 1,400 staff in 44 offices in 7 countries. Prior to the launch of the system I was working on the logistics, evaluation, QRG’s together learning the day to day business of the recruitment industry the CRM application and additional modules that fed in / out of the main database.

Prior to the main delivery I was facilitating CBT sessions. The delivery was to large audiences and conducted in open plan offices outside working hours. I was lead trainer delivering to 68 delegates using multiple projectors and audio equipment whilst supported by floorwalkers. This was then complimented with floorwalking and 1:1 trouble shooting, data quality checking, data cleansing, offering best practice suggestions and teaching advanced queries.

I provided freelance training for these training companies delivering ad-hoc courses on Microsoft office both on and offsite from basic computer kills to advanced access.

COFUNDS (Contract – January 2006 to March 2007)
Senior Learning and Development Consultant / Manager
I was employed on a contract as Senior Learning and Development Consultant / Learning & Development Manager. My position as their corporate training consultant was based within the HR department, the structure of the company meant that 4 training officers were based within different operational departments over 2 locations.

My initial position included implementing polices and procedures, managing the budget and suppliers, analysing the current training situation and advising on improvements that could be implemented. Looking at the appraisal that had been completed and returned and analysing the training requirements to create a corporate training solution using in-house trainers, E-learning and out sourcing.

Initially I was mentoring and coaching of the departmental training officers in delivery, TNA / KSA analysis, presentation and interactive training. Revamping the existing corporate induction to ensure that the employees gained maximum benefit from the day making it participative. Writing / Developing a MS Office training solution, scheduling and delivering the courses.

As the position developed I designed and implemented a 3 month induction programme with a framework of supporting courses and workshops with electronic testing, designed and then managed the implementation of a new Performance Management system providing training for all employees, appraisers and appraisee and then delivering additional 1:1 sessions on behaviours and competencies when required.

I worked with a 3rd Party E-learning company and after negotiating contracts and rates managed the implementation of 2 new E-learning programmes to be completed by all staff. The E-learning initially was implemented for anti-money laundering but the new programmes included the data protection act, health and safety and also using the assessment tool I designed online assessments to compliment the induction course and other in house training courses. All of these training courses and assessments could be assigned to an employee on the SCORM training database that I managed within the L&D Department.

I set up a new framework to monitor staff in T&C regulated roles as this was previously being managed outside the L&D department with employees being booked onto correspondence courses for IAQ exams but neither their progress was monitored or checks made on their timescales for completion. Any employee who ‘handled’ client money or any manager of these staff had to be T&C compliant within 3 years of taking the role. In Cofunds for the employee to be T&C compliant they needed to complete their IAQ exams plus attend ‘interviews’ with their managers to show competency in their job skills. From the framework I implemented I was then able to draw reports on people’s progress and then worked with our compliance department to ensure all people in T&C roles were qualified in the correct time frame.

DENDRITE (Freelance October 2004 – January 2006)
Training Consultant
I provided freelance training for Dendrite. Dendrite are the software house for a pharmaceutical CRM system and also a reporting tool the extracts information from the CRM systems and from market information to produce penetration reports. The CRM application was delivered in various forms, laptop build, Tablet and also PDA and I trained all the different technologies.

The main audience I delivered the CRM training to was the sales reps for the pharmaceutical companies, whether they were new starters learning this as part of their induction programme or ex Doctors who had moved over to a sales role 20 years ago and had been doing the job manually since then.

The CRM training was not focused on what buttons to press but more from an angle on how entering the data correctly would not only reduce admin time and in turn give them more time for appointments but, to allow the sales person to provide a better ‘service’ to their contact by record visit information, schedule the next visit and via the system deal with the Head Office admin team to have documentation such as white papers sent direct to the contact.

Although the application had a core build each pharmaceutical company had their own bespoke version to suit the way they worked. What every build had though was the same reporting tool. The training for this was ideally delivered after the delegate had used the CRM system and had experience in putting in their data. Because of constraints to get a field based sales force off the road twice in a few weeks this reporting tool was commonly trained via web training. These reports allowed you to run your own pipeline queries but also to generate market penetration reports so see how you sit compared to your competition.

INTUITION / ACTIVIA / BENTEK / ADAPT (Freelance October 2004 – January 2006)
I provided freelance training for these training companies delivering ad-hoc courses on Microsoft office both on and offsite from basic computer kills to advanced access.

I developed and delivered courses to MOS and Clait + standards for PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Access and Outlook. I was training English and International in the applications and provided training in how to sit their exams and then invigilated and marked their Clait+ examinations.


I was employed as the Systems Training Manager; on joining the company there was no UK office and an internal training department was a brand new concept. From scratch I set up the IT training department.

Training at the business launch was focused on business critical Bespoke CRM and Contract Management systems then incorporated Microsoft Office initially as classroom training and then as E-learning courses following the MOS and ECDL syllabuses.

My position at Banque PSA Finance was very varied and encompassed the full training cycle for 6 bespoke financial applications. I was responsible for all aspects of the bespoke applications, from scoping the course, developing TNA’s, implementing TNA’s, designing different courses aimed at each level, writing user guides, quick reference guides and training manuals, creating an intranet library to access training materials and step by step guides, and delivering or out sourcing the final course, post course quantification of learning, further on the job ‘clinic’s to resolve specific problems and learning gaps. Whilst writing my training courses and exercises I would be creating my own data for use within training so all aspects of the financial cycle were covered from creating to closing an account. (In previous companies I was involved with stock portfolio, tax and accounting systems) Training was delivered on Front and back office POS and CRM systems for the different departments within the Head Office, motor dealerships and field based staff.

With 450 staff and myself as the sole bespoke trainer I examined the best ways to ensure that the level of training was suitable for the business need and worked to a capacity to maximise my training times. From TNA’s and skills analysis, some delegate’s required intensive training, some needed a slower paced course and others only required specific process / task training. To effectively deliver the training and to minimise unnecessary days in the training room I ran different streams including a clinic one day a week where people would book a PC and a time slot with myself to cover a specific task rather than attend the full 5 or 8 day course. This was very beneficial to the business need of the company as a lot of my delegates were from inbound call centres who were staffed in accordance with SLA’s.

The training department was split into 3 sections with myself have day to day responsibility and control of all bespoke and Microsoft training. Scoping the courses and learning the applications to the level where I could train them was a complex task, the applications were written in France and the majority of the training databases were in French. I self taught myself to a level where I could navigate and use the applications then to confirm and increase my own knowledge I would be working closely with the developers and the system users to ensure that all aspects of training had been addressed.

I obtained the position of European Coordinator for manufacturing systems whilst working as a training specialist within the AIC. The position involved project work on 23 applications delivering, designing and updating training courses for the computer systems and, the mechanical devices that were used on the factory floor together with PeopleSoft for the Medical Departments.

By incorporating the usage of input / output devices and machines together with the computer system into the training courses, I was able to provide a complete training service from line operator to shift manager.

Discovered a need for post launch training which I coordinated for two of my systems for target audiences in the UK, and Europe, these courses were very successful and provided in excess of 50% of my total workload. This then evolved in creating an accredited Train-the-Train course for these applications`.

Main support and trainer on the 3 in-house computer systems. I was responsible for producing the training and system manual. I was first contact on system errors and contact to the programmers. I provided training as and when necessary and tested the new system upgrades. I was working on NRG to produce tailor made reports and query’s for the users.

Writing macros in excel. Completing bank reconciliation’s, weekly suspense reconciliation’s, monthly Pep 10 reconciliation’s, completing daily debtor / creditor reconciliation’s and checking daily TB’s and investigating differences.

Providing support and administration on the tax systems and advising the computer partner on the system for directors, sole traders and partners. I was producing rental and profit and loss accounts, completing tax returns, calculating tax liabilities, checking and dealing with assessments calculating PPP and RAP relief available. CGT reviewing and planning.

I installed the tax systems and was system administrator. For directors and sole traders I was completing tax returns, calculating tax liabilities, checking and dealing with assessments calculating PPP and RAP relief available.

For A and M and discretionary trust, beneficiaries I was maintaining and updating investment portfolios, producing trust accounts, completing tax returns, calculating tax liabilities, checking and dealing with assessments.

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